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Top 5 Spots in Los Angeles for an Evening Wedding

Los Angeles is the most hip city in the entire world where all the cultures, religions and styles come together to form this beautiful megacity which is why the most intelligent, good looking and remarkable people have been flocking from entire world to this city. Although the city is tightly packed yet Los Angeles still has numerous beautiful and spectacular places for one to host an event like birthday and wedding of their dream.

If one is from Austin where one is familiar with the wedding rentals in Austin and not from Los Angeles, they should not worry a bit because some great weddings rentals work both in Austin and Los Angeles and they do not even have to go to Los Angeles to even meet their wedding planners. Wedding rentals Los Angeles allows people to rent tables and chairs, arbors and backdrops, lightening, dining tables and seating, cutlery for the table, furniture, sofa and lounge chairs. If one is not as rich as Hollywood stars to have a wedding in a massive fort in India, one can definitely still afford to have a very amazing and jaw dropping wedding in one of these top 5 perfect evening wedding hotspots in Los Angeles.

Nomad Hotel

This Hotel resides in a historic building called Giannini Place, which was originally build in the 1920s as the headquarters of the Bank of Italy. The Nomad Hotel located on the corner of 7th and Olive Street has a very beautiful gold and blue Italianate lobby ceiling which looks so amazing in pictures and makes a very amazing inspiration for old buildings restoration.


Vibiana is one of the most beautiful wedding venue which is owned and operated by some of the most famous Los Angeles restaurateurs will not only serve the most delicious food is one chooses to use their catering services but will also provide a very elegant, refined and intimate feel during the whole wedding. This beautiful piece of art is located in the historic core of downtown Los Angeles.


For all the people who love France a lot but cannot afford to host a wedding in France, the Perch is for them. Perch is a rooftop bistro which is not only inspired from France but also provides an unobstructed view of entire Downtown Los Angeles. Standing on top of the bistro makes one feel like they are floating on the skyline of Los Angeles.

Hotel Bel Air

Hotel Bel Air is a combination of 12 acre distributed landscaped gardens or oasis where all the rich and famous people go to hide and is one of the most beautiful and romantic hotel in the entire world.


First built as a livery and then as a cold storage warehouse, Millwick has come a long way before reinventing itself big outdoor as well as indoor wedding ceremony host capable of providing an outstanding service for a wedding up to 175 guests and ranks 1st on the websites of all wedding rentals Los Angeles.