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What are Commissions and Why do People like Cosplay?

Ordering a custom costume is a great way to get the cosplay of your dreams if you can’t make it yourself – due to time or skill. If you’ve been on cosplay forums or groups, you’ve probably seen the word “commission.” You’ve probably interacted with many commissioners as well. They usually do cosplay, too. Despite this, only some know what commission means.

Cosplay commissions involve hiring professional craftsmen to create a custom cosplay costume. You can order any costume—a character from a game, movie, series, comic book, etc. Artisans often customise commissions according to the customer’s wishes, including details, materials, and sizes.

Why do people like cosplay so much?

There are many different reasons why people enjoy cosplay. It may be a combination of many motives that motivate people to choose such a hobby.

  • Self-expression and creativity

Cosplay is a way to use your imagination and express your artistic side. Many cosplayers enjoy creating costumes from scratch or finding unique items for a cosplay wardrobe. They take pride in their work and love to show off their creations at conferences or on social media.

  • Enjoying Fandom activities

Cosplayers can enjoy the world of their favourite fandom. They find it exciting to recreate the details of a character’s costume and embody their personality. 

  • A sense of belonging

Cosplay is a way to connect with people who share similar interests. Conventions and events unite people from all over the world who love a particular franchise or genre.

  • Adrenaline rush during competitions

Cosplay competitions allow people to show their skills and compete with others for prizes and recognition. Many cosplayers like the thrill of competition and the opportunity to show their creativity.

  • Creative escapism

Cosplay can help those who suffer from stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues. It allows people to focus on hobbies that make them happy.

Benefits of cosplay for physical and mental health

Cosplay is often associated with fan conventions and events and can be a fun and creative way of self-expression and physical activity. Many health benefits of cosplay can make it a healthy activity for people of all ages.

Here is some of the evidence why cosplay can be good for your health:

  • Physical Activity: Cosplay often involves creating and wearing elaborate costumes, requiring significant physical activity.
  • Socialisation: Cosplay can allow people to make new friends and connections and engage in meaningful conversations with others with similar interests.
  • Creative Expression: Cosplay is a rewarding experience as it allows people to explore their creative and crafty sides.
  • Increases self-esteem: Cosplay increases self-confidence, and people can show off their costumes and creativity to others.

Cosplay is a fun and gripping hobby with several health benefits. Whether you’re an experienced cosplayer or just starting, there are plenty of ways to get involved and reap the rewards.

What can DesignBy3d cosplay studio do?

The DesignBy3d studio’s artisans can make various costumes and parts for cosplay, for example:

  • сosplay costumes and replica weapons in high-tech style;
  • fantasy costumes and weapon props;
  • helmets, hats, capes, and other costume accessories;
  • complete face masks and helmets with visors;
  • moving parts, sounds, and light effects.

The studio uses almost all fabric types: leather, 3D printing, EVA foam, silicone moulds, etc. The materials are reliable and safe for health. Production time depends on the complexity and queue of orders.