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Shoes Related to Very Iconic NBA Moments

We always talk about many NBA moments, but the truth is that a lot of them are related to the shoes that those performers wore at that time. The interesting thing is that every shoe is unique in its own rights, but it really goes to show the true diversity and value we can get from them. On top of that, each shoe tells a story and it’s heavily connected to many of the interesting and cool NBA moments. Here are some of the top ones.

Kawhi Leonard eliminates the 76ers from the Playoffs in 2019

There are lots of cool moments like this, in 2019 he managed to actually do a series ending shot. Despite the fact that it’s a new moment, it’s related to the beautiful New Balance OMN1S shoes. These shoes made it very simple for Kawhi to actually score quickly and that brought in a lot of fanfare. It’s the type of thing that you would not expect, but it clearly managed to set the tone for a very interesting situation.

These shoes became very famous due to that event, but they also stood out thanks to the unique colorway of gold rush, team royal and black. Their price is very good too, at roughly $640, so it’s nice to see all of this come together nicely.

Jordan against Dominique Wilkins in 1985

Both of them had a dunk contest in 1985 and they were really battling at it trying to figure out which one of them will win.

The shoe tied to the his moment is the Jordan 1 Bred, mainly because it’s thought to be the first time these shoes were in court. The Air Jordan 1 was actually banned when it was released, since the red and black coloring was not ok considering to the regulations.

It’s said that Nike actually paid the $5000 fine for him still going in the ring with those shoes. Obviously Nike used the “banned” appeal in order to make the shoes widely sought after and guess what, it worked very well. This really goes to show just how incredible the shoes managed to be, and how much they stood out thanks to their features. The old version is over $2000 right now and even the re-release from 2016 is close to $1000.

Steph Curry beating Thunder

The shoe in question that helped Curry beat the Thunder with a massive 38-foot game winner is the Under Armour Curry 2.

Created for him in particular, the shoe itself is very good when it comes to performance. However, it was criticized by a lot of people because it was felt as the grandma shoe at that time. Despite the coloring and style, the Under Armour Curry 2 became quite a hit due to this event, and it’s clear that it made a huge impact over the community. We’re not sure why, but these Under Armour Curry 2 were just player exclusives. However, you can get a white variant of these for around $85 right now if you want to. That says a lot about these shoes and their rather unique appeal.

Kobe Bryant scoring 60 points before finishing his career

Kobe Bryant was a remarkable performer and one of the coolest moments has to be the final match where he scored no less than 60 points in a single match. The shoe that he went with was not exactly a very common one, since the Nike Kobe 11 Fade to Black has a very distinctive black coloring and just a Nike symbol yellow coloring. Yet despite that, this shoe became popular because it was very comfortable, without strain on his ankles or anything like that. It’s one of the lightest shoes ever created for the NBA and it does look amazing. Plus, due to Kobe’s unfortunate passing, the price has skyrocketed for these shoes. Now you can get them at over $1100.


It’s interesting to see just how so many shoes have managed to change perspective and bring in so much appeal. The nice thing about units like these is that they are different, exciting to wear and very rewarding. They also made NBA history, and thankfully you can get them right now if you want!