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How to Prepare Your Kitchen Before Going on Holiday

We all look forward to a much-needed holiday in order to recharge our batteries from time to time. Whether you are planning a regional trip or you are more interested in travelling abroad, it is always wise to prepare in advance. Making sure that your home is safe and secure will likewise provide you with an additional peace of mind while away. Locking all doors, boarding your pets and adjusting the thermostat are some common actions to take. However, you will also need to address certain areas of the kitchen if you plan on leaving for more than a few days. Let’s take a look at some suggestions to adopt into your schedule immediately before leaving.

Dealing with Any Standing Water

Water that is allowed to sit within sink traps and drains can easily become rancid; particularly during the warmer months of the year. This even more concerning if you happen to be experiencing drainage issues. Before leaving, procure a high-strength sink unblocker. Use the appropriate amount of solution and allow it to remain within the drain overnight. Turn on the tap for five or ten minutes the following day in order to ensure that the blockage has been reduced (or eliminated entirely). You can then remain confident that you will not be returning home to foul odours.

Addressing Kitchen Appliances

Most professionals recommend that you disconnect all appliances from their nearby outlets. This is a preventative measure intended to eliminate the chances of a fire while you are on holiday. Please note that those who are leaving for extended periods of time may even choose to disconnect their home from its mains electricity feed. The same holds true in terms of gas services. Closing all valves is the best way to prevent any leaks that might otherwise remain undetected.

The refrigerator is a specific concern, as it needs to be defrosted before you leave. This will normally require an entire day. This is also the perfect time to diagnose any issues that may be present. For instance, what if ice has been accumulating in the freezer over time? This is normally a signal that the rubber door seal has been compromised. A loose seal will allow moisture to enter into the freezer; resulting in a buildup of ice. Of course, chipping away large blocks of ice can represent a time-consuming process. This is why it is often better to purchase a spray-on freezer defroster. Be sure to remove all food before applying this solution and always follow the directions.

Finally, leave the doors to the refrigerator open before you leave. This will help to prevent mould and bacteria from forming inside.

No one relishes worrying about the condition of their home when they are supposed to be enjoying a well-deserved holiday. This is why a bit of preparation can go a long way. Please do not hesitate to refer back to this article for a reference. You will then be able to sit back, relax and decompress in the lap of luxury.