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Murano Glass sculptures – The perfect gift of this holiday season

We’re already in the Holidays season, you can’t wait to see your family, especially in these hard times, but you still have no idea what to get your loved ones as a gift. Choosing the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones can be a lot of pressure, so we’re here to help! 

If you’re tired of the usual presents and looking for something different that will make a great impression, you should check out Murano Glass abstract sculptures. They are loved all around the world and come in many different shapes and styles, so you can choose the perfect one depending on the taste of the person you want to surprise. Tapered and sinuous knots and ribbons, hands and heads in a thousand colors and much more, you can fnd any shape or shade of color you can think of. Once you discover the art of abstract sculptures in artistic glass you’ll be enchanted by their charm, their elegance, their uniqueness, typical characteristics of the craftsmanship of the island of Murano. 

So, what’s so special about Murano Glass sculptures? What makes them so fascinating is how they are made. Murano glass is named after the little island where it is made, which is part of a network of tiny islands in the Venice lagoon. Murano glass blowing is an art taught from generation to generation since the 13th century and it is still done with the same techniques and tools used then. Murano glass is a perfect example of the great quality of the Made in Italy. This premium hand-crafted good is part of the Italian heritage and is protected by a trademark that certifies that it was made in Murano at a furnace that follows the traditional glass blowing process. 

Murano glass sculptures are not mass-produced but hand-made one by one, so every piece is slightly different from another, carrying the creativity of its glass master. Each sculpture has a different story and is a one-of-a-kind unique piece, whether that being in the design, colors, or contour, there won’t be any sculpture in the world like yours. Murano glass sculptures are famous for their elegant shapes and beautiful colors. Masters achieve rich colors by adding different minerals into the mix. It’s common to add gold and silver specks into the glass, making the piece even more luxurious. This gives any object a glowing effect, as the specks reflect the light and can bright up the room. 

Because of the great variety of their shapes and colors, these sculptures are suitable for anyone. Your cousin who loves travelling will surely appreciate these works of art from Venice. Your sister who never misses an art exhibition will definitely be amazed by the craftsmanship of the sculpture. Your glamorous aunt who’s into elegant home décor and is attracted by everything shiny will be in love with the luxury of a high quality Made in Italy artwork. Of course, your significant other will be happy to receive one of the many variants of the lover’s sculpture. 

Exceptional as a gift, a beautiful sculpture has endless uses, you can place it anywhere you like in the house and it will surely become the focal point of a room. Perfect to decorate with style a living room coffee table or a home office desk, but wherever it is displayed, it will always catch everyone’s eye with its elegant and particular design, achieved through the hardworking process of glass blowing. An abstract Murano Glass sculpture can add a luxurious and elegant touch in any home. 

After reading so much about it, why don’t you have a look at the beautiful sculptures? You can do so at, which is an official certified online store for Murano glass, carrying the Trademark of Originality. The site doesn’t only offer gorgeous abstract sculptures, but much more such as vases, bowls, etc, so feel free to scroll!