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The Newest and Best Coffee Roasters of 2020

True coffee lovers seek the best beans in the world, yet they also want to buy from a roaster that supports farmers and their local communities.

We’ve compiled a list of the newest and best coffee roasters in 2020. Not only have these top coffee roasters won industry awards, but they’re giving back where it counts.

1. Coffee By Design in Portland, Maine

Coffee By Design won Roast Magazine’s 2020 Roaster of The Year Award for its commitment to sustainability, employees, the coffee industry, and the local community.

They offer the 1994 Blend, Costa Rica Tarrazu La Minita Estate, Maine Wild Blueberry, and Burundi Kayanza Kibingo Washing Station Natural.

2. Mostra Coffee in San Diego

Mostra Coffee also won the 2020 Roaster of the Year Award, but in the micro category. The founders and co-owners all come from diverse backgrounds but each shares a love of coffee.

Mostra Coffee sells Brazil Oberon, Indonesia Sumatra Hutapaung, Costa Rica Tarrazu Don Roberto, Burundi Mpanga Benga, and Ethiopia Organic Hambela.

3. Red Rooster Coffee Roaster in Virginia

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster, a 2020 Good Food Award winner in the coffee category, is in downtown Floyd, Virginia. They’re passionate about making a positive social impact at home and abroad.

Popular roasts include the Floyd Farmhouse Blend, Funky Chicken, Old Crow Cuppa Joe, and the Waxwing Blend.

4. Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters in Dallas

A fellow 2020 Good Food Award winner, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is in Dallas, Texas. They work with producers seeking to grow great coffee and better the lives of their family and their laborers, while being good stewards of their ecosystems.

They offer Guatemalan Buena Vista, Ethiopian Efrem Emero Natural, El Salvadorian Guayabo, and Colombian La Diana.

5. Bonlife Coffee Roasters in Tennessee

Out of Cleveland (in Tennessee, not Ohio), Bonlife Coffee Roasters works with farmers around the world to revive their coffee industry and help the local population.

Another recipient of the 2020 Good Food Award, BonLife sells its Justice Blend along with Kochere, Finca Xelaju, and Simbai Balus.

What Makes The Best Coffee Roasters?

We recommend these five award-winning coffee roasters, but there are many other local businesses that we’d call the best coffee roasters out there.

A coffee’s roasting profile — taste, aroma, body, and brightness — is what makes it the best. Independent coffee brands are constantly experimenting with their profiles to find the most delicious and aromatic blends for customers.

How to Prepare Your Favorite Coffee

If you’re ready to start shopping for specialty coffee roasters, remember that flavor varies based on the origin of the beans, the coffee’s roast level (light to dark), and how you prepare it (standard drip, french press or pour over).

Do some research and find out the best way to prepare your favorite roast. The last thing you want to do is waste the flavor of premium beans by running it through a cheap plastic brewer.

Browse the best coffee roasters listed in this article to find your preferred blend. Better yet, be adventurous and try something you’ve never had before.