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The Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is all about taking on the unknown challenges in a highly competitive market – either to meet the market goals or exceed them with your unique approach. To overcome these challenges, one must back oneself to tackle the worst and consider the words of wise men who have already sailed their arc through the same ocean. The challenges that one may face might include resource accumulation, alternative business loans acquisition, capital allocation, crises, and human resource management. All of these can be dealt with less sophisticatedly if an entrepreneur is aware of what lies ahead in the battlefield.

Here are the main challenges faced by an entrepreneur today with suitable options to their solutions.

1. Taking Control of the First Step

The most difficult part before any successful journey is its beginning. In this age of entrepreneurship, the first leap is quite challenging, to say the least. This phase might demand them to quit their job, gather a reliable and talented group of individuals to constitute a team, execute your first-ever sales pitch and face the harsh responses of clients with adequate patience and courage.

To sprinkle salt on your wounds, family pressure and constant discouragement from your closed ones over your failure could make your survival even more challenging. Even at times, you might run out of funds to continue your pursuit – in such a situation, convincing someone to invest or gathering funds in yourself could become a make or break scenario.

To defy all such odds, you may need a fair amount of planning and composure throughout the phase. You should be well prepared beforehand to deliver a counter punch, whenever the situation demands. However, you must never rush into matters. Take your time, gather yourself and deliver a rock-solid fist when the right time arrives. Remember, greater things take greater time.

But do not let these crises frighten you or damage your spirit. Think a hundred times before you make a decision but once you have taken the decision, stick to it. You can never become a successful business person until you learn to extract the positives out of the most challenging situations. Believe in your capabilities, keep your team motivated and back yourself. Hopefully, you will emerge out of this phase with flying colors.

2. Fundraising and Achieving the Break-Even

Fundraising requires a lot of patience and strategy. To achieve this milestone, you must come up with an intriguing and creative idea in this highly competitive market. Even if your idea is not untapped, brace yourself to deliver it in such a way that it manages to entice the investors.

Prepare a well-researched, elaborative and properly constructed business module with specifically defined budget breakdown. Rehearse your pitch and prepare yourself on every possible rebuttal.

After you have successfully attained your desired capital investment, your foremost challenge is to get the cash flow up and running. To ensure risk-free cash management in the initial face, you might consider collecting assets on a credit base. Like paying for certain assets after a specific interval of time by signing a Memorandum of Understanding or taking advance payments for projects to-be-delivered after 30 days.

Remember, you keep a close check of every invoice and cash flow. Especially during the first phase, it is better not to depend on others to manage your accounts.

3. Commitment and Time Management

Keeping-up with your commitment and due diligence is vital if you want to convey a good impression of your brand. It requires proper time management and correct decision making during some of the highly tense situations.

To deal with this issue, the first thing you must do is to set-up a list of goals. Analyze your daily progress in the light of that list and decide your next step accordingly.

A day-to-day to-do list could also help you keep things arranged and moving in the right direction. But, if certain tasks hinder your progress and collide with your goals, eliminate them straightaway without giving a second thought to momentary profit. Consistently evaluate your performance and instantly make-up for the things lagging.

4. Marketing and Hiring Employees

No matter how concrete the base of your business is, it is equally important to market your product or services effectively as well as uniquely. You must not forget the measure of market saturation, so to embark on your success, you should prioritize and brainstorm a rewarding marketing strategy. Promote your brand in a way as if there exists no other like you.

Not everyone is a marketing expert, so if you realize your limitations in defining the prosperous niches, delegate a team of experienced and proven individuals. Supervise their progress daily and make it big as a team.

Always conduct a thorough market analysis, understand your target audience and perform a SWOT analysis before entering the battlefield. However, to ensure everything goes according to the plan, you would need a capable team. Make sure you hire people impartially and discover their strengths before assigning them any key duty.

5. Self-Doubt & Business Growth

Self-doubt could rightly be referred to as entrepreneurial suicide. A successful entrepreneur never doubts his qualities and has an absolute idea of his limitations. He takes a decision and stands his ground at the time of vulnerability.

Also, it is important to correctly assign duties to your employees and trust them to execute the command successfully.


Wearing all the hats is a self-imposed ceiling that might have drastic effects on your ambitions in the long run. Self-awareness is a blessing, either you already possess it or create it to organize your persona and craft your traits. We hope the above-mentioned tips would help you in masterfully dealing with your challenges as an entrepreneur.