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Bathroom Decor Ideas

Are you tired of decorating your room and your dining area? Maybe it’s time for your bathroom to have its much-needed decoration, isn’t it? Unlike the other parts of your house, it might be one of the blandest-looking areas that need a touch of creativity. If fancy signages could be your best idea of decorating your bathroom, then it’s time to brush-up your decorating skills with these top tips from renovations experts to level up the look of your bathroom.

Colorful Rugs

The presence of a splash of colors is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom, but “too much splash” of colors can certainly cancel the beauty it can provide to your bathroom. It’s better to have a “controlled splash” by containing the colors in a limited space. What better way to do it than placing a colorful rug in your bathroom. Aside from its function, it serves as a simple and affordable decor that doesn’t overpower the other designs in your bathroom.

Have a Storage

Let’s face it, there are bathroom essentials that can ruin our bathroom’s overall design, and we can certainly not eliminate them. The best way to keep them from being an eyesore without removing them is to put them in a versatile storage hardware inside your bathroom. It will keep your bathroom clean-looking while keeping the essentials within reach.

Add a Dash of Metallic Touch

The presence of metal objects, especially the chrome ones, will surely add a touch of modernity inside your bathroom. Metal chrome objects can simply be a soap dish, a mini trash can, or even a tissue holder. Get ideas online for a fitting metallic decoration. There are certainly great ones built in other houses and posted online for some bragging rights.

Put a Wallpaper in Your Bathroom (but only half of it)

Consuming only half of your bathroom’s wall (the upper side) for wallpaper has its economic side, which is saving it from deteriorating fast with water splashes, but the real motive of this style is taking advantage of the tiles in your bathroom. The white tiles in your bathroom look so bland and boring unless a contrasting design is put beside it. By covering only half of your bathroom’s wall, you are putting a perfect contrast on your white tiles that highlights its shine and whiteness.

Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper

Wallpapers should not always be bought (and of course, should not be stolen!). Sometimes, it’s good to make one for yourself, so you can further personalize it. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you may make a collage wallpaper from the image of rocky mountains, airplanes, compass, clouds, or famous tourist spots to have a feel of an ‘expedition’ inside your bathroom. Whatever your interests are, let it be expressed in the wallpapers in your bathroom. (Remember our tip #4, cover only half of it)

Ladder Lover

Your modern looking towel racks surely add beauty in your bathroom, but why not try a mini ladder as a unique-looking towel rack for a change? It’s an effortless way to put some uniqueness in your bathroom, which also serves a purpose for your bathing needs. It’s a form and function tool that is a perfect addition to your bathroom look.

Add Odd Shapes

If you are willing to go for a little splurge, you may choose bathroom utilities and essentials, like sinks, toilets, mirrors, or tubs with unique or odd-looking shapes. With today’s wide varieties of bathroom utilities, it’s not hard to find the ones perfect for your preference. For this, you may need the aid of decor experts to install the finest shape that fits your bathroom, so it can complement with any existing designs.

The good thing about these uniquely-shaped utilities is that they serve two functions: as a great decoration and as a reliable utility.