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What size to choose for roller shades?

I know it as well as you, brightness, you need it. For the resolution of this problem, you have opted for roller shutters, whose sole power of attorney for them remains insufficient. You have to install them! And this step requires taking the measurements of these roller shutters.  A whole confusion arises, and you no longer know the ideal measure. In this article, I will give you all the tips to facilitate the choice of measurements for your roller shutters.

What equipment do you need for the choice of the measurement of your wheel?

In order to choose roller shades the size is important. For the determination of the size of the roller shutter, you will necessarily require the meter. I would like to make it clear that the roller shutter must be of sufficient length. If you are in a renovation situation, you must also provide a plumb wire for the control of the squareness, which must also be opened. 

The structure, element to take into account when choosing the size of the roller shutter.

When you decide to take the dimension of your roller shutters. You should not forget that the measurement of these roller shutters depends on their complete structure. About this structure, I am referring to the trunk (arranged under the lintel of the window or recessed)  in which the shutter will roll up, the decks of blades (composing the shutter once suspended), and the slides in which the roller shutter descends.  

From there, you understand that it is the size of the trunk that we are trying to calculate. This measure will depend on the size of the painting. It should also be noted that the enrolment system and the size of the engine will influence the dimensions of the trunk.

Who should measure your roller shutter?

For the measurement of the roller shutter, I advise you to contact the professional who is responsible for carrying out the installation to take the measurements in the field.

The size of your roller shutter will impact the price of it !

You must keep in mind that the size of your roller shutter can significantly influence the price of this roller shutter. I remind you that the larger the roller shutter, the higher its price. 

Extreme dimensions, especially very small and very large ones, will require the realization of a roller shutter in line with these particular measures. When it comes to tailor-made, the bids go up. It is from this principle that the need to control the choice of measurements of your roller shutter is essential. 

Thus, with the help of all these parameters revealed in this article, you can easily choose the measurements of your roller shutter.

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