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5 Ways to Drive Website Traffic with Instagram

SEO and Social Media = (Full advantage). One of the main keys to getting more Instagram followers and share posts are the quality of your content. While we have to accept that the level of SEO is not well leveled on this blog we also have to admit that Instagram is the main source of traffic for this blog as well. If you work with dedication and passion you will have thousands of followers following you, multiplying the average of your visits through a single post.

Take advantage of the Instagram “prime time” for your most important posts!

Although there are Instagram addicts present on this image and video sharing app, there are better and worse times to publish your post. There are several applications to find out the best time to post for individual niches. I don’t use them because I already know what the best time to post is:

  1. Post between 11am-4pm CDT. For U.S.A the peak activity starts around 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.
  2. The best day to publish new posts is Monday. While Sunday is the worst day to post on Instagram.
  3. At 4 pm is the second-best time to publish a new entry. It is on this prime time when the majority has returned from work and before taking a shower everyone reads their Instagram timeline.
  4. Find out the Instagram prime time of other English speaking countries. In your server stats, you can identify the countries from which your readers are arriving from. Also if you use a software or a special application to the program and schedule your posts try to schedule them for your prime time.
  5. Launch your posts 2-3 times a day. Seen that there are different time peaks in the use of Instagram, it makes sense publishing 2 or 3 times a day pointing to the same post.

Create a network of trust with other posters and Instagrammers

  1. Promote other bloggers and posters that have businesses and niches related to yours. Help people starting with Instagram and a blog from the zero points. The quality of the relationship will be much stronger because they will remember who helped them when nobody knew them.
  2. Make yourself feel by commenting on the things you know about! Don’t be shy. Instagram is not a place to be shy.
  3. Follow people or create lists of “posters” that share your content. You don’t have to follow the 1000s of users. It’s enough if you identify those that are most adapted to your content. On one hand you can get more Instagram followers and likes and on the other hand, you get new users on your timeline that you can provide quality content to generating new ideas for your blog or business website at the same time.
  4. Asking for feedback from other bloggers that are experts on what you post about can easily earn you a well awarded ‘post’ and some well-earned followers.

The best thing though to get more Instagram followers and likes is to supply valuable content and buy Instagram likes.