Thursday, April 22, 2021

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8 Brilliant Toy Room Storage Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are wondering whether ‘kids’ and ‘tidy’ can exist in the same sentence, the answer is yes. You don’t have to choose either. You can always have both kids and happy kids at that, and a clean and tidy house all at the same time. And it doesn’t have to be an added task; going around the house collecting their toys. There is a solution;

Create toy room storage. Sounds easy, right? Well, maybe. The thing is, it could be easier said than done. Well, it doesn’t have to be such a task either. With a little investment in time, energy, and resources, you can easily and within a matter of days have a pretty little toy room space.

Living in small houses/ apartments is usually the biggest reason why you don’t have a toy room space. But you don’t really need to live in a big house for you to be organized and tidy. Here are some of the best tips to create a toy room space for your kids’ belongings.

1. Stack Boxes

You definitely have some old or unused boxes and crates back in your garage, kitchen, or store; they are of great use when it comes to creating toy storage. Get creative with them in your kids’ room or that play space. Design them in different shapes and sizes and make cute arrangements against the wall or one side of the best.

2. Be Creative With The Wall

Well, what can’t your wall do when it comes to storage? It is probably the easiest and cheapest way to create storage, not only for toys but for anything. You can use plastic material, cardboard, or even wood to create some shelves and cabinets on the wall. Paint them bright to make it cheerful.

3. The Coat Rack

That coat rack you are no longer using, how about hanging it against the wall and using it for any kids’ costumes, and hats. This will not only help you tidy up easier but also save you some space in the drawers and bins.

4. The closet

While the closet is meant for clothes and bags, there is nothing wrong if you turn it to your kids’ toy room storage. Be creative, use small and light furniture, like you could place a small bin or bookcase in the closet and stash away their toys in it. Besides making the room look tidier, the fact that is out of sight is an added advantage.

5. Floating Shelves

These are underrated. There is always that awkward side of the wall. Use this to secure storage space. You can arrange some toys there or even turn them into a bookshelf or mini-library. You can hang some bright drawings on here too and keep the kids’ bedtime reads.

6. Have Fun With Décor

While you are busy creating toy room storage spaces, remember to have fun too; it should be a fun process. Play with colors, ribbons, and toys too. Choose fun and bright colors for storage bins and baskets to compliment the whole area and serve as art too.

7. Consider Modular Shelving

Choose modular shelving that can also be used to store other things and belongings. While your priority at the moment is storage for kid’s toys, remember that your baby will not be a baby forever; they are growing up too, and real fast. And the playroom could be bound to stay for the long term. Modular shelving can be used to store multiple things as the kid grows up.

8. DIY

DIY is one of the trends in society today, in everything, from decorations, designing old clothes, creating more space in rooms, in the kitchen, and is also no exception when it comes to kids and creating toy room storage spaces. You can DIY a cloth bin, book bin, boxes, and crates, and just about anything, to create just about anything. Get creative.

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