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Considering House Removalists? Perth Advice for Efficient Packing

House moving can be a challenge, and one of the most frustrating aspects is packing. Although you can hire full service house removalists, Perth residents may want to go it alone and handle all the packing themselves. So, here is some professional advice for efficient packing.

Don’t Hoard

The first step of efficient packing is actually to start throwing away any unnecessary items. Although it may be tempting to start throwing everything in boxes, you don’t want to transport items you no longer want or need. Most house movers will base their charges on the volume of your belongings, so you’ll be paying extra to move items you’re going to throw away anyway. Sort through your belongings and decide what can be recycled, thrown away, donated or even sold. Making this your first step will provide you the opportunity to list any unwanted items on auction sites, and you may generate a little extra cash towards your move.

Consider Storage

Most homes have areas packed with items we can’t bear to throw away but are not in everyday use. Whether you have out of season items, such as Christmas decorations, or garden equipment or boxes of old photo albums, you can make your moving day easier by putting these items into storage. Most local removalist can offer storage facilities, so you can keep these items out of the way while you move and settle into your new home.

Pack Your Unessentials

While moving day may be a few weeks away, it can be tempting to think that everything you own is essential. However, you need to be realistic. Are you really going to listen to your vinyl collection or make a full dinner party with your best china? The nearer you get to moving day, the easier you want to make your life, so pack away all those items that you won’t need before moving day and may not need until you get settled in your new home.

Pack Lesser Used Areas and Rooms

As you start your serious packing, think about packing your lesser used areas and rooms first. For example, your bedroom is used every night, but will you have the time to get into a rec room to play a game. Will you be using your formal dining room, or is it more likely you’ll eat in the kitchen? Packing up these lesser used areas and rooms will allow you to get areas of your home cleaned and prepared for the big moving day.

Carefully Wrap Your Fragile Items

Fragile items need careful attention, so it is crucial to take the proper time to organise packing them. Be sure to purchase the best packing materials and wrap each item carefully. Just be sure to mark all boxes as fragile.

Keep an Essentials Box

Finally, remember to keep an essentials box. This should contain the things you’ll need on moving day and to help you feel comfortable before the moving truck arrives. Your essentials box should contain important paperwork, snacks, a set of cutlery and a change of clothing and toiletries for each family member.

If you’re looking to move and need house removalists, Perth residents can rely on Emmanuel Transport. We specialise in house moving and would be delighted to help make your move easier.

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