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How to Love Your Greenhouse Through the Winter Months

During the summer we’re all rushed off our feet balancing numerous gardening projects and trying to make the most of the warmer weather, with the greenhouse in constant use and every waking hour spent sharpening those gardening skills. It’s all slowly brought to a stop when the colder weather kicks in however, with many people retreating back into the house and avoiding the garden until the winters over. This is a sad time for our greenhouses, as the winter is just as good a time to get out there and utilise them as much as you can. For those who find it difficult to maintain their relationship with their greenhouses, the following tips have been gathered to help you find that love again.

Read a Blog

It may seem like a random task than can be done from the comfort of your own home and not your greenhouse but reading some interesting gardening blogs can really help to relight that passion and get you inspired to get back out into the greenhouse. There are some great gardening blogs out there, from inspiring posts on The Spruce to educational, gardening advice on Two Wests and expert opinions over on RHS, so there’s plenty for you to choose from. You may also find that reading articles from other gardeners will help answer any questions you may have, teach you something new or simply help you to network with others that have the same interests as you.

Treat Yourself

Having something new to play around with is always going to spark your creativity and give you the drive to get a new project going. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to that piece of gardening equipment that you’ve been unsure about for months, as what better time to play around and master something new. There are so many amazing gardening gadgets available today that you can invest in to really help grow your skills and enhance your overall projects. Take a look at popular gardening gadgets like the Ollo Clip Lens (ideal for capturing your progress and projects), the Picture This plant identifier app which is ideal for managing your garden from your smartphone and the Garden Compass, perfect for sharing your gardening snaps with others interested in the same things as you. There are so many things out there that you can use to keep your passion for gardening alive, as well as keep you updated and on trend for all things horticultural.

Create a List

One of the reasons for not spending much time in the garden may be that you don’t know what to do in there during the winter. For many people, they see the greenhouse as the perfect setup during summer, but the winter can be off-putting. Winter can be just as great a season as summer when it comes to your gardening projects, as with the right greenhouse equipment you can create the ideal atmosphere and growing environment. Making a list of all the possible tasks and projects you could undertake through winter will really help to get you back out there enjoying your greenhouse properly, as there’s so much that can be done. Do a little research, get some inspiration and download a useful task app to help you keep track of the work you want to get done.