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Fashion Tips for Men

All of us want to look good, don’t we? People judge us through our dressing sense. Be it men or women, your image is quite important. Your dressing sense is what makes a huge impact on the other person. It portrays a much better image of yourself and is a part of your personality as well. Now, if you are a man who is looking for some fashion tips, then you are at the right place. Have a look down below at some of the basic fashion tips all men out there should follow.

The Fitting Of Your Suit

Guys look extremely handsome in suits. However, most guys end up making the mistake of wearing suits that are not a good fit. They are too loose and ruin their entire look. Men should always focus on the fit of the suit. Target the fit of the shoulders as well as the chest. Remember, you need to look classy. Moreover, when it comes to your suit’s color, go for dark ones. They look extremely amazing! 

Casual Looks Matter

Another thing you need to learn is not to over-dress. Going to the grocery store all dressed up? A big no. You don’t look attractive that way. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you go in your night suit. All you have to do is stay casual, and that’s it. Wear biker t-shirts with a pair of jeans, and that’s it. The look will definitely end up looking great. 

Wear Different Colors

A common mistake all men make is that they hate the color. They either wear blacks, whites, or greys, and that’s it. That doesn’t look attractive at all and is something that is highly discouraged in the world of fashion. Wear greens, mustard, shades of blue, and more, be it wearing motorcycle t-shirts or dress shirts. Simply add color to your look, and you will look quite attractive. 

Groom Yourself

Fashion is not just about what you wear, it’s about grooming yourself as well. You may think you’re looking great due to the clothes you are wearing, and there’s nothing else you need to take care of. However, this is where you are wrong. No matter what you’re wearing, you won’t end up looking great if you’re not groomed. Period. 

Make sure to invest in yourself. Get a great haircut and trim your nails. Moreover, groom your beard as well. No one likes a messy, overgrown beard. These things may sound small however they make a huge difference to your overall look. 

Shoes Matter

Most people invest lots of dollars on clothes and spend nothing on shoes. This is where they are absolutely wrong. Shoes are a huge part of your overall look, and most people out there judge you by the pair of shoes you wear. Sure, you shouldn’t care about what random people think of you; however, this is important when you are trying to make an impression on someone. 

The best part about purchasing quality shoes is that they last longer. Go for some class styles that include loafers, brogues, or plain boots. These look incredible and take your look to another level. 

Try Out New Stuff

A fashionista always tries out new stuff every now and then. Check out what’s trending in the market. Is it vintage motorbike t shirts or checkered shirts? Stay updated with the latest trends and try them out. Adding versatility to your look is something you should always consider doing. 

Minimalism Is The Ultimate Sophistication

We have all heard of this phrase, haven’t we? Well, one thing men should keep in mind is not to over-do it. For instance, accessories matter a lot. However, make sure to keep them minimal. Wearing a suit? Go for a plain tie. Texture on texture is discouraged. 

Moreover, make sure the color of your tie is always darker than the shade of your jacket. 

Invest In A Good Watch

Investing in a good watch is something you should never miss out on. They look quite classy as well as attractive. 

Choose Your Glasses Wisely

Your glasses can change your entire look, and that is why you should always choose them wisely. Most people out there usually choose their glasses in just a couple of minutes. However, they forget that this is what their overall look is going to be for the next 2-3 years. They need to keep in mind the size of the frame, the shape of the glasses, and the color. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the glasses you have chosen, and then purchase one. 

Wrapping It Up

Here were a couple of fashion tips for men. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the brand, be it Frankymouse or any other out there, the way you wear your clothes is what matters the most.

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