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How to Get Property Valued in Melbourne?

Property valuation Melbourne is a process that provides an estimate of the value of the property for compensation, taxation, and other purposes. The intention is to ensure accuracy in valuing property so that parties know what they are getting or giving away when exchanging property. is a website dedicated to providing information on this topic, as well as how you can find out more reputable professionals in your area who will be able to provide you with these services!

There are many grounds why you might need to know the value of a property. Perhaps you’re in the process of buying or selling, or maybe your curiosity has been piqued by some recent real estate news. Whatever your reason for acquiring more about property valuation in Melbourne, this blog post is here to help!

The importance of it

It’s important to know the value of your property for several reasons. If you are looking to sell, then it is necessary to price and market the property accordingly. It will also help with any negotiations that may ensue from an offer on your house.

The cost of property valuation in Melbourne is dependent on the type and size of the property but typically ranges from $200 to $400. There will also be a charge for additional surveys or reports that are needed in certain circumstances. The only way to know your costs before hiring a professional in this field is to request an estimate! 

This fee includes all aspects, including site visits, preparing survey plans and report documentation, and completing any necessary calculations.

Property valuations range from simple assessments where you’re looking at one dwelling such as residential properties up to commercial sites with multiple buildings housing numerous tenants, e.g., shopping centres – more complex than single dwellings because it takes into account leasing contracts between business owners (e.g., retailers) and landlords (e.g., centre managers).

Estimated property appraisal

Each property valuation, no matter the type of property or the process required, will provide you with a thorough appraisal report that includes:

  • A narrative (written description) explaining how and why we reached our conclusions. The summary should include any significant findings in terms of condition and current use.
  • An inspection checklist to help form an opinion about what is important from a visual perspective – e.g., roof conditions; heating/air conditioning systems; landscaping trimming, etc.; other items such as fireplaces, decks, tennis courts). If not obvious from looking at exterior photos, interior inspections are sometimes necessary for “bigger” properties where several buildings may be on site.
  • Details about comparable sales (comparable properties) in the vicinity and their prices, plus any other information we have gathered about similar properties
  • Valuation date – this was when our inspection was undertaken.
  • Sale date for one of the “comparable” sales where available (e.g., if sale price – $500k; appraisal value – $450k), it would be included here). The valuation will usually precede the purchase or sale in a few days to enable us to reflect on what we see both now and from our experience and ensure that market conditions are consistent with those prevailing at the time of valuing your particular property.

This, together with consideration of relevant factors such as location, size, and quality, can help determine whether listing a higher or lower valuation is appropriate.

Other cases

In some cases, a landlord may also want to purchase a vacant property. This happens when the tenant has gone bankrupt and no longer pays rent, and doesn’t have any other properties. In this case, the building would be valued in its current condition without tenants or with empty units – known as an “as-is” valuation (also called a “space”) plus additional cash flow for leasing it out again once cleared of bankruptcy proceedings.)

When it comes to property valuation Melbourne, the process is recorded and assessed every month and at fixed intervals throughout each year.

This includes calculating how much tenants pay in rent per month and any applicable taxes (such as GST). As these figures change over time, they can be factored into an accurate estimate of future cash flow for that asset. This information is then used to create comparable with other properties across Melbourne or Australia-wide so landlords can establish whether the rental income they receive from their building meets market rates.

The huge variety of valuations available means there’s something suitable for every occasion – whether you’re purchasing your first home or viewing at buying in commercial real estate! The right market values will help investors make their decisions quickly by giving them an idea of what they’re buying.


The benefits of a property valuation are worth the cost. There is no other way to know how much your home or business should be worth on today’s market than by getting an appraisal from a professional. 

Property valuations Melbourne can help you with this and provide you with peace of mind that your assets are valued fairly for insurance purposes, tax reasons, selling needs, estate planning – whatever it may be. 

In conclusion, property valuation Melbourne is an important part of evaluating buildings to be sold at a profit. Check out these tips carefully before deciding on which professional company to use!

Lastly, make sure you find someone reputable with experience in this field who has great credentials. You’ll want them around for all your future projects – especially if it’s something complicated like pre-contractual evaluations!