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Top 8 Best Chiminea- Outdoor Fireplaces

The chiminea is a type of outdoor fire pit that has its roots in Mexico. It was originally used for baking bread, but today, it’s used in many homes as a sort of outdoor fire pit.

If you’re a fan of sprucing up your outdoor living space but want something more unique, then you’ve probably looked at usual fire pits and shook your head. In that case, a backyard chiminea would be perfect for you.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 8 best chiminea outdoor fireplaces you can get for your home.

1. Blue Rooster Prairie Chiminea

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, an outdoor chiminea is a must; more specifically, the Blue Rooster one. This chiminea has a cast aluminum construction, which means it won’t rust. In addition, it has a lifetime warranty.

The Blue Rooster Prairie chiminea is very similar but elegant at the same time. It features a neck spark screen, removable rain lid, and carry handles.

This particular chiminea burns charcoal. despite this, it burns with very little to no smoke, so you don’t have to worry about coughing from the smoke when you light up this chiminea while you’re entertaining.

2. Blue Rooster Dragonfly Chiminea

Here’s another chiminea by Blue Rooster. The Dragonfly is also made of cast aluminum and burns charcoal. However, this chiminea is slightly bigger than the Prairie.

With the Blue Rooster Dragonfly, you’ll get a grilling insert, mouth screen, neck spark screen, and carry handles. And just like with the

Prairie chiminea, you’ll get a lifetime warranty for maximum peace of mind.

3. Kotulas Cabin-Style Outdoor Cooking Chiminea

This chiminea is made of steel, which makes it very resistant to outside elements. In it, you can use either charcoal, wood, or artificial logs. The Kotulas chiminea comes with a poker, ash shovel, and a smokestack on this sturdy fire pit.

If you wish to cook food in this chiminea, then you’ll be pleased to know that it has a removable and adjustable grate. With this, you can make pizza, as well as grill meat, fish, and vegetables.

When you’re not using it for cooking, this chiminea makes for one of the best fire pits for outdoor purposes. Just light it up and it’ll be a cozy time for everyone.

4. Deckmate Corona Outdoor Chiminea (Model 30075)

You can get this Deckmate Corona outdoor chiminea in either steel or cast iron. This is a beautifully designed freestanding place, with little embedded details all over. This chiminea’s firebox can be accessed by either sliding or swinging open its doors.

It’s also designed with steel mesh, which allows you to safely view the beautiful fire inside. It will certainly do its job in keeping all the embers inside where they belong. In addition, it has a carefully designed roof and flue which make it so the fire stays nice and strong, even if there is rain and/or debris.

5. Fleur de Lis Living Skoog Clay Chiminea

Clay offers a very interesting and primal look to any outdoor fire pit. The Fleur de Lis Living Skoog clay chiminea does exactly that.

Since it has no extra paint or adornments, this chiminea has one of the simplest looks, which makes it easy to match with your other patio furniture.

This chiminea burns wood and you can choose either the small (43 inches) or big (49 inches) size. Because it’s made of clay, the Fleur de Lis chiminea barely leaves any ashes behind after burning. So if you’re not a fan of huge clean-up, this may be the ideal chiminea for you.

In addition, it comes with both a clay lid and steel stand for your convenience.

6. Sunnydaze Steel Chiminea

We’re not going to lie: chimineas aren’t cheap to purchase. But if you really want one, you can definitely make it happen. You just have to compromise and go for something simpler.

The Sunnydaze steel chiminea is exactly that. It’s easy on the eyes, as well as compact. It is 49 inches tall, 14 inches in diameter, and weighs 20 pounds.

This makes this chiminea perfect for people who are either on a budget or have a small patio and can’t accommodate the larger chimineas on this list.

The Sunnydaze steel chiminea comes with 2 grates, a cover, and a poker. This is a wood-burning chiminea.

7. Feast Chiminea

This chiminea is made especially for cooking. It’s similar to the Deckmate Corona outdoor chiminea in that it has mesh sides so you can completely see in. In addition, it has a rack that’ll easily let you cook foods while hanging out with your friends in your backyard.

The Feast chiminea is made of cast iron with a bronze finish, which gives it a special look. It also has a safety door so you can easily add wood whenever you want.

8. Red Ember Alto Chiminea

All the other chimineas on this list are made with more traditional designs in mind.

But what if you want something more modern to match the rest of your house? Then there’s the Red Ember Alto chiminea with a deep black finish.

As the name suggests, it has a deep black finish that gives it a striking look. But that’s not the only thing that catches your eye; it has a sleek and simple design that gives it a very modern look.

If you want something that’s traditional but with a modern twist, then this is a chiminea that you must get for your backyard.

Consider These Best Chiminea Options for Your Home

Now that you have a list of the best chiminea options, the next thing to do is to go out and take a closer look at your choices.

Make sure you take a good look at chimineas in showrooms. In person, they may not seem the same as you thought. So do a thorough look through, ask plenty of questions, and you’re sure to pick out the most amazing chiminea for your home.

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