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Private Schools in Switzerland

Many parents who have decided to send their children to study in Europe, after studying the question and reading reviews of advanced schools, choose  private schools in Switzerland. This is not surprising, because top of the private schools in Switzerland are regularly included in the top 100 European schools and, despite the high cost of education, there is no shortage of applicants. One important advantage of studying at a private school in Switzerland for foreigners is an excellent language education – teenagers finish school with knowledge of at least two foreign languages. Which one depends on the school and the curriculum in which the child studies. A flexible system of educational programs selection allows you to start preparing children for a career in a particular area already from secondary school. It is not for nothing that talented children of successful and wealthy parents, who plan ahead for their children’s successful future, usually go to Switzerland to study.


Any private boarding school in Switzerland, even the smallest, with 50-60 students, has at least two or three programs of study in different languages. There are also some, such as the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, where you can choose from five national programs – German, Swiss, British, American and Italian. Quite often the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is also offered, which, incidentally, was developed in Switzerland and is considered one of the most comprehensive and challenging school programs.

The advantage of Swiss private schools is that they offer their students complete safety and comfort. But at the same time they are by no means characterized by strict discipline and motivation of students to work hard. The main thing is the development of the child’s personality and independent thinking. Along with general education subjects, a large place in the school program is given to lessons in nature, walks and hikes, games and sports, work and creative activities. It is believed that in this way the child’s abilities will reveal themselves. Unlike British boarding schools, private schools in Switzerland have more freedom. But they cannot boast such a selection of teachers as schools in England, where graduates of Oxford and Cambridge are considered honorable for the job.

And the international curricula themselves often do not provide the level of preparation necessary for admission to Switzerland’s top federal universities. The percentage of those who stay in Switzerland and continue their studies at one of that country’s top universities, be it the Zurich Technical High School, the Federal Polytechnic of Lausanne or the University of Geneva, is extremely low. Most graduates of Swiss private schools go on to study at universities abroad. Almost a third go to America, while the rest choose European universities.

The admission process to the best private boarding schools in Switzerland

Most parents are faced with the question of identifying the best and most elite boarding schools in Switzerland

Please note that for your child the best school or college in Switzerland may not be the most prestigious or the most expensive. Thus, the price is not the decisive factor in choosing the right leading school. The best option for an educational institution will be a school that teaches an educational program, the completion of which will allow your teenager to enter a preferred ranked university. In particular, if you are planning to pursue higher education in France, it is  advised to you to choose the educational direction of the French Baccalaureate. Note that the lowest tuition is found at Chantemerle, a French private college located in Switzerland, which ranges from about 40,000 francs per year including full board.

Academic orientation is not the only factor that distinguishes prestigious and leading boarding schools in Switzerland, so each educational institution has its own rooted traditions, discipline, established environment, besides, the location plays an important role in shaping a certain style of educational institution, as some may be located in mountainous areas, others on the banks of lakes.

The teenager, regardless of his country of birth, can get a high school education of the highest quality in the modern private leading boarding schools in Switzerland. In order to develop a teenager academically and comprehensively, the elite and best boarding schools in Switzerland, which practice the principles of democracy, provide and provide everything necessary for this.

Every year the demand and popularity of Swiss advanced schools is growing. Looking at the positive feedback from students, parents decide to send their talented children to the best boarding schools in Switzerland for effective educational programs in order to obtain in-demand professions in the future.


The cost of education in a private boarding school in Switzerland starts at 70,000 Swiss francs and can go up to 120,000 per year. As a rule, the cost directly includes tuition, room and board. In addition, you will have to pay for school supplies, textbooks, health insurance, visa fees, school uniform and sports equipment, individual lessons, excursions, etc.

The admission process to the best school in Switzerland 

In order to successfully enter an advanced private boarding school in Switzerland, in addition to submitting a standard set of documents in front of the admissions committee, you need to demonstrate certain good language and academic knowledge. Below is a list of the documents required:

  • A copy of your passport
  • School reports with annual grades for the last 2 years and quarter or trimester grades for the current school year
  • International language certificate proving good knowledge of the foreign language References
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers of mathematics and English, in some cases a letter from the principal of the school.
  • In some cases a letter of motivation is required
  • Complete registration forms and school forms