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9 (+1 bonus) Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom in 2019

When we think about rest and comfort in a home, we often think about the bedroom, but the bathroom is the room in which we actually like to relax and take care of ourselves. If yours does not have that extra comfort, and you want to begin improving its state, there are efficient and relatively simple tips that can guide you when taking a look at new bathroom ideas. We’ve put together a little practical guide with ten tips to follow to avoid any faux pas in your bathroom decoration!

1. Maximize storage

Maximize storage
A crammed space can increase your stress levels, and various products can accumulate very quickly in the bathroom. For this reason, spacious storage units are best thing for making the most of your space.

Add a few shelves above the toilet or anywhere you can, maximize the space under your sink, or get a small storage unit on legs. The more organized your bathroom is, the brighter everything will feel!

2. Hide “less aesthetic” products

Hide less aesthetic products
Get a nice soap pump instead of using the original bottle or hide your toilet paper rolls in a lovely wicker basket. A clean and uncluttered bathroom will allow you to stay calm. The more items you accumulate, the more dust there will be to clean. To keep your bathroom’s well-groomed appearance, try to eliminate the things you don’t use. You don’t need to throw them away, but some products don’t necessarily need to be in plain sight.

3. Revamp the hardware

Revamp the hardware
Your bathroom should look sophisticated and inviting at the same time.

Revamping your hardware can make a big difference for your project. There’s a full range of hardware sets that can give your bathroom a unique touch. You could go for a marble finish, or brushed gold or matte black finishes as well. All of these are on trend lately.

4. Lighting

Good lighting is essential in a bathroom. Lighter colors make the space look bigger, while darker colors seem to make it look smaller. Essentially, try to favor bright colors. It will make your room appear much more spacious than it truly is. At this stage in your renovation process, keep in mind that strong bright lights are not relaxing. If this is an issue, you can equip the room with a dimmer to get a more relaxed atmosphere.

Natural light is without a doubt the best light source you can have, but if your bathroom does not have windows, you can put in few light sources in suitable corners. Adding a ceiling lamp and a wall lamp above the vanity should do the trick. Installing a brighter light near or around the mirror is also recommended.

It would be a shame not to be able to see anything in your bathroom because of inadequate lighting. Lack of light or poor lighting can also dampen the atmosphere in the shower. Hence, it’s always a good idea to ensure that your spots, sconces or suspended lighting fixtures diffuse white light with a beautiful effect in the room. To do this, you won’t necessarily have to get rid of your current fixtures. Solely changing the light bulb can make quite the difference.

5. The mirrors

The mirrors
Due to their effect, mirrors can be crucial to your bathroom’s decor. A mirror facing the door, for example, will give more depth to the room.

Large mirrors can also be decorative elements. They provide brightness and will make the room seem bigger. You may also add a makeup mirror – which will have a different purpose than the decorative mirrors in the room. If you are several to use the bathroom, choosing an angled mirror might be a good idea. No matter how big it is, you will all be able to see.

6.Review the color of the room or furniture

Review the color of the room or furniture
A lousy color choice for the bathroom’s decor can easily dampen the relaxing atmosphere you were trying to create in the room. If you want to bring a new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank, know that there is paint for just about anything: tiling, floor, bath, furniture, etc. Repainting the walls, the furniture, tiles or apron of your bathtub are all excellent ideas if you want to refresh the room. You may also decide to repaint the tile or mosaic of your bathroom. In this case, do not forget to pass an underlay and invest in a paint suitable for the surface you’re attempting to coat.

If you have a small bathroom, you can opt for lighter shades that will reflect the light and create the illusion of more space. On the contrary, if your washroom does not lack square meters, you can almost try anything without ever overdoing it. Soft and soothing tones will give the room a relaxing atmosphere, while more vivid and frank shades will invigorate the decor. Whichever you decide, always make sure to choose a bathroom paint adapted to the humidity of the room.

7. Accessorize the bathroom to revamp it quickly

Accessorize the bathroom to revamp it quickly
Be careful not to overload the room, you might create an impression of disorder. Rather, get some new accessories to give a unique style to the room’s decor and do not hesitate to showcase them on shelves or in open niches.

Think of shower curtains, carpets, taps, door handles, lighting fixtures, mirrors, etc.

One of the fastest and most effective solutions for restyling the bathroom is to add harmonious decorative accessories. If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, add wicker baskets, wooden pots, and raw materials. Finally, you can add practical accessories such as stylish towel racks, wicker shower mats or grates, a natural patterned shower curtain or even stylish mirrors.

8. Give life to the decor with a few plants

Give life to the decor with a few plants
Plants give life to any room in a home. Try to place some in the corners or any other isolated area of the bathroom. Put large pots on the floor, hang some from windows or perched on shelves. Flowers and greenery will surely brighten up the room.

Adapting to all types of decors, they increase the relaxing effect of the room in addition to introducing a bright tone.

Bathrooms rarely have an opening on the outside, so be sure to opt for plants that do not need a lot of natural light. Aloe Vera, Ficus Houseplants, ZZ plants or sansevieria varieties tolerate almost any growing condition including dark and humid atmospheres.

9. Replace your towels

Replace your towels
Your towels are part of the decor. They can be stained or are quietly beginning to fray, and the impact they have on the room’s look and feel is significant.

Get a new set of bath towels, hand towels and decorative napkins of the same color so that everything stays consistent. You could also pick two colors, which will give the room less of a monotonous feel. It’s by making small changes like these that your bathroom will instantly look refreshed!

10. Keep your bathroom clean and tidy

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy
Even if your decor is immaculate, your bathroom will always look more serene if it’s clean.

In addition to costing you nothing, a small round of housekeeping and picking up every day can make all the difference.