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What You Want From Your Food Processor: The Best on the Market

Food processors can be a staple in the kitchen if you do your research and invest in the right one. You can completely change your cooking style and open a whole host of possibilities in the kitchen once you commit to a food processor. Other tools can be just as important in your kitchen or daily life, such as slow cookers & irons (we’ve found the best ones at la Nuageuse).

Your stomach, guests, and romantic prospects will be swooning over the new chef in you.

Food processors also eliminate many of the tedious chopping tasks you might not have mastered yet, or don’t plan to. They are versatile, easy to use, and easier to store than a mixer and some other more bulky appliances. And with such a wide range of food processors on the market, you’ll have little trouble finding one that fits your most innovative or basic preparation needs.


Food Processor features
Not all food processors are built the same. There is quite a bit of differentiation. This is why depending on the features you want to see in your processor, you should factor in what it can and can’t do. Obviously, quality is the biggest factor. Just because a processor offers a multitude of functions doesn’t mean it will do all of them well. Keep some of the multitasking to you and to your sous chef.

For example, some processors offer mixing and blending functions in addition to processing. Putting three functions into one might be great, and would save you time and space in your kitchen. However, you want to make sure that that one appliance does all three of those things well, or it might not be worth it.

Efficient, Good Quality Parts

Efficient, Good Quality Parts
Speaking of quality, your processor shouldn’t just be the most expensive or the cheapest you can find. You’ll want to do a little more research into the actual sum of its parts and the quality in which it’s made. This also goes for the design. Being aesthetically pleasing is always a plus.

You’ll want to choose a processor that will last. It’s better to choose one that is made of more durable parts. You don’t want a processor that only works for a set amount of time before eventually breaking; don’t you want a long lasting relationship with your processor?

Easy to Use, Easy to Prep

Easy to Use, Easy to Prep
The best part of having a food processor is eliminating a lot of the initial prep time. You’ll want to be certain you don’t extend that time by having to mess with your processor to get it to do what you want. If it isn’t easy to use, or at least easy to figure out, you’re better off with a different mixer. No matter how fancy it is.

There’s also something to be said about a food processor not only working, but teaching you or helping you to do new things in the kitchen and with your meals. You can truly add another layer of creativity with a great appliance. Don’t underestimate the value of what a food processor can do.