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How to Change Up Your Hair to Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Have you ever wondered how celebrities are able to change up their hairstyles so often? It seems as though one day they have a cute short little bob and within the week they are spotted with tresses down to their waist. You aren’t imagining this. Many of your favorite celebrities rely on wigs to be able to completely transform their look time and time again.

A Few Celebrities That Wear Wigs

There are some stars that we all know are sporting wigs to create their ever changing appearance. Kylie Jenner and Lady GaGa rely on wigs to keep their look constantly updated and fresh, but not all celebs are using wigs simply to get attention.

Some celebrities use wigs to correct serious issues they are facing. Keira Knightly frequently dyed her hair for the many roles she played. This eventually led to hair loss that she now camouflages with wigs.

Some stars use wigs for a dramatic look. Gwen Stefani achieves her platinum blonde image with wigs, and Katy Perry surprises us all with her sudden color changes by relying on wigs. Others rely on hairpieces for glamour. Zendaya often turns to the help of a wig for her stunning red carpet style. Even Yara Shahidi’s bobbed natural-looking curls are supplied by a wig.

Full Lace Wigs

Celebrities and others often count on full lace wigs for a natural look that can’t be beat. But what is a full lace wig? It is a wonderful innovation in the hair world that provides the most natural look possible. The base is created out of lace that is made to fit your head perfectly. The hair is then looped onto that lace in individual pieces. The lace looks like your scalp in order to add an element of realism to the final look.

The way in which the hair is added to the lace allows you versatility. Since the hair is not attached in perfect rows, you can change the part as well as wear styles that are half up and half down without giving away your secret. You can even sport scalp braids and still achieve a natural look.

How to Go About Purchasing a Wig

When purchasing a wig, there are several factors that you need to consider. First is density. Density ranges from 130 to 200 percent on a full lace wig. Think about the style you want to achieve. Will it require thick hair, or will thin hair be better?

Look at the color of the lace. This is key to the illusion. The lace will come in translucent or brown. If you have lighter skin, choose translucent lace. Makeup or foundation can be used to further hide the base. Those with deeper skin tones will want to pick the brown lace.

You may have heard people talking about virgin hair in wigs. When deciding on whether to choose virgin hair or not, ask yourself if you will be coloring the wig. Not all wigs will hold up to a color treatment. Virgin hair is a must when dying. To keep this simple, look for pre-dyed options. Consider your purchase of a wig as an investment. Synthetic hair is cheaper, but it won’t have the same realistic look as virgin hair.

Now you know the secret to the celebrities’ ability to completely reinvent themselves from day to day. Have fun experimenting with different lengths, colors, and styles. The best part of wearing a wig is that you don’t have to commit to the new look any longer than you want to.