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Making the Most of Large Planters

Lovers of flowers are continually looking for new planters to decorate their yards and environment. Flowers are the most beautiful decoration for a home or garden. A planter gives a special note to the ambiance in which the plant is located and emphasizes its beauty. 

Smaller planters can fit anywhere, but you may have minor problems with bigger ones. They are much heavier, and you won’t be able to move them as easily. It’s not like you’ll need a forklift to move them, but you’ll think about it. That doesn’t have to be the case. 

There are various options for making it easier for yourself to maintain planters and make the most of them. Here are some tips and ideas.

Lighten up the Planter

Large flower planters are a unique decorative element that can ennoble your terrace or yard and give a unique look to the whole exterior. They attract attention, beautify the space, and can be purchased in different colors and materials, according to personal taste. 

You can find all kinds of designs, from wooden to metal and plastic planters. The ideas are inexhaustible, and you can check them out at Soothing Company. We all know that a planter gains weight as soon as we plant flowers. 

The weight it gains is due to the amount of soil we use to fill the planter. When you have such a large planter, you have to think carefully about where you will place it. All this can be solved by simply reducing the soil. 

You can fill the lower part of the pot with some natural material or even plastic bottles that will occupy the planter’s bottom. This will significantly lighten the planter. Therefore, you will be able to move it if you decide to change the arrangement.

How to Use Filling Material

As already mentioned, a planter can be lightweight if you use some experienced tips. When you have large planters with a lot of space to fill with soil, use filler material. Excellent and quality soil can be very expensive. 

You won’t be able to move a planter filled with soil from where you placed it. Not only will you spend money, but you will also spend soil that can be used a couple of times instead of once. 

Some plants do not have a deep root system and will not even reach the planter’s bottom. It is best to use some of the popular solutions to fill the bottom of the planter. You can use aluminum cans, plastic bottles, packing peanuts. 

It is only vital that you cover the filler material with some fabric before adding the soil. Then you can add some lightweight soil and fill in the rest. If you use lightweight soil, the planter will be mobile, and you can move it wherever it fits.

Get Quality Potting Soil Before Planting

Before the planting process, get quality potting soil as this is the very beginning for the plant. If you want it to look healthy and preserved, good soil is a good start. Also, good fertilizers and various vitamins can preserve your plant. 

Be aware that you will need to change and add new soil once a year. It doesn’t have to be such a demanding process. If the plant is healthy, it will not be necessary to change all the soil completely. 

You can take some fertilizer and mix it with soil and change only the surface part. After that, lightly dab and blend as much as possible to mix everything. Try to take care of the root of the plant.

Maintain the Plant to Make the Planter Look Neat and Tidy

For a large planter to always look neat, you need to maintain the plant. The old-growth must be a deadhead for the plant to grow and bloom. Keep in mind that you will need to water the plant more often if you have a large planter. 

Even though it stands in your yard or on your balcony, you can rely on rain but not completely. The root of the plant must have enough moisture. If your planters are exposed to sunlight, you will need to water the plant more often. 

Large planters are great because, unlike small pots, you can install an automatic watering system. This will make it easier for you to maintain the plant and shorten the job.


Using planters has so many advantages over planting in the garden. You will not only save water and fertilizer, but also you can avoid pesticides that can destroy plants. The incredible thing is that you can move your planters wherever you want and even bring them into the house, which is not the case with garden flowers. 

This type of gardening is not only functional but can be incredibly imaginative. Combining different seedlings in planters and using exciting items to decorate them will revive your exterior. Good luck with planting and arranging.