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The Ideal Moving Timeline

While everyone moves at his or her own rate and does things a little bit differently, suffice it to say that we have moving down to a science. Here is the most efficient timeline that we’ve come up with over all these years of moving clients around. Hopefully, it will help you figure out your own moving timeline too.

Notification of Moving

This is it. You’ve made the big promotion, or you’re going home after college. Maybe you just need a larger house for a growing family. There are hundreds of different reasons to move, and each one of them comes with the same issue: change. Humans aren’t enthusiastic about change, no matter how interested and excited we are. It’s nice to come home, put your feet up on the couch, and turn on Netflix.

Whether you’re told you’ll be moving six months out or six weeks out, it’s time to start planning what to do. Your first move should be …

Home Searching

That’s right. You need to find somewhere to live! If you’re across town, it’s pretty easy to zip over to a new apartment or a new house on a lunch break. However, if you’re heading across country, you may have to rely on an advocate or a vacation to settle a new property for yourself.

House hunting is chaotic, tiring, and can be the source of a great many arguments. Remember to cool your jets during this time. Take a break, see a movie, or have a nice long dinner or a bath to just relax. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting these places yourself or talking to someone about them—finding the perfect home is hard work. Pamper yourself.

Mucking Out the House

Now that you’ve found a new home, you realize that most of your stuff won’t fit. Either that, or your stuff is pretty tired and broken. Your new home is your time to start over. It’s time to rip everything out of your home and donate it.

Many donation companies (especially Goodwill) will happily pick up donations that are in good shape, for free. They can write you a tax-deductible receipt on your front lawn, and you’ll be doing charity work for little effort on your part.

Packing Day

Likely to be just as busy as the search for your new home is packing day. Make certain that the days on either side of packing day are as free as you can make them. Sometimes weather may cause an emergency rescheduling of your packing day. Though delivery day can always be held off, you’re likely working against time to turn in your keys as you’re leaving your home.

Whether you’ve sold your old home or you’re just breaking your lease at an apartment, you still have to be out, and you have to do it soon. So don’t trap yourself to a certain date. Give yourself the ability to move if a thunderstorm hits on your packing day.

Arrival Day

Ah, you’re home! Congratulations. You’ve completed your move, and everything is coming in. If you’ve purchased an unpacking agreement, you’re in great shape. It’s time to kick back on your freshly delivered couch and direct the movers to put everything where it belongs.

Unpacking yourself? Don’t get lost in the forest of boxes. Sort each room before you start to unpack, placing the boxes in those rooms. It makes organizing your belongings a far easier task than any other method.

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