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4 Things to Look for When Choosing an Eyelid Surgeon

The appearance of your eyes and how they function are important, which is why choosing the right eyelid surgeon is not a decision that should be rushed.

Taking the time to do a little research can go a long way in achieving a satisfying outcome. If you have decided that you want to go ahead with eyelid surgery, there are a few important factors to consider when evaluating potential surgeons.’

Choosing the Ideal Eyelid Surgeon

Here is what you should consider when evaluating potential eyelid surgeons.

1.Qualifications and Background

Eyelid surgery is a specialised procedure, which means your surgeon not only needs to have the necessary qualifications but specific experience with eyelid surgery too. A reputable eyelid surgeon will clearly outline what qualifications and experience they have on their website and during your consultation – this is a clear sign of excellence. Your surgeon should always be a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and specialise in eyelid surgery. You will also want to find out how many eyelid surgeries they have performed to date.

2.Patient Testimonials

Today’s patients having access to a wealth of information before they even contact a top professional such as blepharoplasty clinic in Central Coast. Do some research and find out what past patients have to say about a surgeon before you schedule a consultation. Along with checking patient testimonials on a clinic’s website, make a point of checking Google and any other third-party websites that may show up in your search results. Do keep in mind that it’s not difficult to manipulate reviews, so if everything else about a surgeon is positive, you may want to ask them about any negative testimonials directly.


While the right eyelid surgeon is worth travelling for, it’s always easier to find a clinic in your immediate area. Not only does it make the surgery less stressful and more affordable but it’s easier to get to and from consultations and post-operative appointments.

4.Personal Experience & Rapport

Finally, a true test of whether or not an eyelid surgeon is the right fit for you is to meet with them in person. You can tell a lot about someone based on how comfortable you feel around them, how much information they are willing to share with you and if they can answer all of your questions. Your consultation will tell you a lot about what you can expect for the duration of your surgical experience. You will also want to evaluate the clinic and its staff to determine how you can expect to be treated as a patient.

Questions to Ask During Your Eyelid Surgery Consult

Here are a few examples of questions you can ask during your consultation with a surgeon:

  • What qualifications do you have and how many eyelid surgeries have you performed to date?
  • What side effects can I expect and what is your complication rate?
  • What steps would I take in the event of complications?
  • Where will my surgery be performed?
  • Are there any additional costs that I should know about?