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What Is A Lake Weed Cutter

A lake is not only a natural habitat for many animals, but it takes a very special person to mow and remove weeds from your lake in order to landscape the scenery so it still remains natural looking, as well as even certain ways to make the lake more accessible to fishermen, and family gatherings alike. What is a lake weed cutter? We’re going to answer that question in a nutshell for you, so you can get rid of your long problematic weeds and protect your lake’s environment.

What Is a Lake Weed Cutter?

These are special weed cutters, lake mowers, and lake rakes that helps you take care of your lake or pond easier, but then helps you to take back your body of water so you can further enjoy it easier. The Lake Mower is a special multi-tool that has numerous features, and you can easily attach them to any small boat that you have to make it easy to use. It takes the need out of having to put harsh chemicals in your lake, and you don’t need to get someone with a large harvesting machine in order to trim the weeds.

What are the Benefits?

With the Lake Weed Cutter you don’t have to spend a lot of money, hire any expensive contractors, spend money harming your fish or wildlife, or even wasting time with things like a benthic barrier (a blanket that causes the lack of sunlight to kill the plants at the bottom). You don’t have to hire or get a dredger. You simply just drag it where you want to on the bottom. When you’re done cutting, if you want, you can use a weed rake to even remove the dead weeds to keep them from building up on the bottom of your body of water.


Dredging is extremely expensive, as you normally have to pay a contracting company that can remove all types of sediments. It can’t keep certain small sections of weeds very easy, and because you’re literally putting a construction machine out into the water, it can cause serious damage to any fish or wildlife by destroying their homes, as well as physically harming them.

What is a Weed Razor?

A weed razor is similar to the concept of The Lake Weed Cutter, except you don’t just have to throw it out there into the water from the shoreline and pull your debris back to you. It normally clears a good patch of weeds, and most vegetation floats to the surface. By using the weed rake, you can pull in the weeds to the shore so you can dispose of them. But what about weeds that are out too far for you to reach? That’s where the Lake Weed Cutter™ comes in.


There are many types of weed cutters, weed razors, and even special rakes out there on the market, but very few have had as much proven success as Jenson Lake Mowers. In the past, only certain construction companies used to buy these, but they’re becoming more and more popular as you can simply do the task at hand yourself for a fraction of the cost.