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How Do You Come Up With The Best Lingerie?

Millennial ladies seem to be changing their style and mode of dressing daily because simply they mind about their outward and inner appearance. Having great lingerie puts you at comfort ether while sleeping or just walking and gives you a sort of confidence that you are the queen and the goddess when it comes to inner beauty.

So, are you in a dilemma of what to wear on the beach during your holiday? Or perhaps what to wear when you head to the nearest public swimming pool? Well, worry no more; lingerie is the best set you can have. They come in diverse range depending on the level of skin exposure you want the world to see.

Where to Buy

Whether it is bras, nightdresses, swimming kits, G-strings, panties or bikinis you are looking for, you can easily have them. But you could be asking where do I buy these goodies? Well, there are basically three places to do your purchase:

  • Local shops – there are good local fabric stores are offer quality products especially if they do import them from abroad. Go for a shop that minds about quality not just your money. Your pantie or bra will be one of the closest cloths to your body. Hence you need the one made of quality fabric and that is very comfortable for your skin. Better you spend more and get the best fabric.
  • Online apparel and fabric stores – almost every online store dealing with ladies apparels usually have lingerie. Others like Ms Aphrodite have specialized with lingerie only offering you quality products of all sizes and classes. In any online fabric store, you have to check at their:
  • Shipping costs
  • Discounts
  • Their convenience of payment
  • Their packaging
  • Their customer care services

When you are looking for an online fabric store that can deliver to your country for free no matter where you are across the globe then you got Ms Aphrodite. The store has become a one-stop shop for many women who want variety, great colors, diverse fabrics, and want exactly what they want.

  • Online specialty and fabric shops – these are outlets that basically deal with lingerie that are sewn using specific fabric like stretch lace or like heavy tricot. They are great shopping places too. However, some online fabric and apparel stores like Ms Aphrodite usually write the fabric they have used for the lingerie they sell.

When you are considerate of the fabric, of which you should be, you should look at 3 major factors.

What to Check in the lingerie Fabric

Of course, the type of fabric should matter to you a lot. There is lingerie that cannot contain high temperatures the will keep you uncomfortable because of their itching. Definitely, you don’t need to do some scratching in the public. Hence choose the best fabric for your lingerie. Look at the following:

  • Stretch

You need to know whether the fabric can stretch one-way, cross-wise or two-way. Most of them are written and so you will be confused about which you are to pick. There is some lingerie that needs to be stretchy especially if you love to be free and you don’t like some clothes that hold you so tight.

  • Weight

This is another factor you should not ignore especially if your lingerie is for swimming of for some sandy beaches holiday. Nightgown should also be light. Of course, you don’t want those bulky seem to be visible around your tummy and buts to everyone. Therefore go for the thinner ones which will definitely solve the same issue.

  • Their look

You need to determine the look you want before you go shopping. Of course, lingerie made of silk will bear a different look with the one made of cotton. Be comfortable with the best look that will also match your wardrobe correctly.

  • Their feel

Always put the fabric on your skin to feel how they will be on your skin. Will they be too rough or smooth on your skin? Any irritating fabric will definitely cause you some great nuisance especially when it is hot and you are in the public.

Remember it will be your closest cloth to your skin and hence you have to keep testing until you find the right fabric that will not be reactive and sensitive to your skin. You can decide to rub it on the skin lightly to see whether there will be any effects.

Depending on the fabric you need, Ms Aphrodite has all that you need to that matches your feel, weight, look, and the stretch that you need. But which fabrics do they have in their store which you should be looking for?

Type of Fabrics available at Ms Aphrodite

Before settling for the best lingerie, you need to check what you have already especially the one you love the most. You should then think what makes them special to you, is it their comfort, feel, stretch or their look?

Another great way besides, looking at your wardrobe, is exploring the online stores like Ms Aphrodite to see the variety of panties, bras, and other lingerie that they own. However, the following fabrics are commonly used:

  1. Fibers

These are commonly used in making lingerie. They can be manmade or natural fibers which are got from animals and plants. Some commonly preferred ones include:

  • Spandex
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Rayon
  • Bamboo
  • Technical fabrics
  1. Knit fabrics

These can be knit or woven which all depends on the support, taste, and preference of the user. They use a knitting machine to do the interlocking loops. Ensure the stretch doesn’t cut the thread. It should be very elastic. They include:

  • Nylon tricot
  • Single jersey
  • Light double knit
  • Simplex
  • Stretch Lace
  • Power net
  • Mesh
  1. Woven Fabrics

They are good at creating lingerie and that loungewear. They include:

  • Chiffon
  • Organza
  • Charmeuse
  • China silk
  • Challis
  • Satin
  • Voile and lawn
  • Lace etc.


You can always find a convenient store that sells its lingerie at affordable prices and does free worldwide shipment in the name of Ms. Aphrodite. You don’t have to belong on the internet looking for the light store. Go with this renowned lingerie store and enjoy your wears.