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Top 3 Ways to Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus

Got nail fungus?

Many people do. And they tend to ignore it until it’s too late…

By that, we mean “cracked toe nails” that make it painful to walk.

So make sure you aren’t in this camp. As soon as you spot fungal problems, deal with them immediately.

This is something we’ll help you with. Below are the 5 best nail fungus treatments to perform!

#1 – Vinegar.

There isn’t much scientific evidence that supports this remedy. Most of it is anecdotal…

However, it is a popular treatment. And this makes vinegar worth a try.

Vinegar is excellent for cleansing. It’s also easy to get anywhere, and it’s safe to try.

How to Apply It.

Make a warm mix. It should include (2 parts water) and (1 part vinegar).

The mix should be in a large bowl/bucket/tub with a solid foundation.

You’ll dip the affected foot into that mix for ½ hour per day.

And you’re most likely doing so sitting. So you don’t want the mixture to spill in use!

#2 – Mouthwash.

Also known as “Listerine.” If you don’t like vinegar, try this.

Mouthwash is designed with antifungal/antibacterial properties. So using it to clear nail fungus makes sense.

And just like vinegar, buying a bottle is easy. So it’s a popular solution to nail fungus. And it’s probably the best nail fungus treatment out there.

Add to that the good smell mouthwash has. Vinegar can have a strong smell. And you’ll have to clean it off after use.

But you never have that problem with Listerine. Pick the right aroma, and you’re good to go!

How to Apply It.

Just like with vinegar, you add it to warm water. But the portions differ.

Here, use 2 capfuls to a small bowl/bucket. And that’s enough for treatment. Not to mention, it’s good for your budget too…

After preparing the solution, proceed to soak the affected foot for ½ hour per day.

#3 – Tea Tree Oil.

Another remedy you can try.

This is an essential oil. So depending on what you buy, you can get varying purities of it.

And being an essential oil, it’s a strong killer of fungus and bacteria. So we recommend this as an alternative to the first two.

How to Apply It.

Oddly enough, applying it is easy.

All you need is some cotton. Soak the cotton with some tea tree oil. Then, rub it on the affected nails.

No need for warm water. And no need for a tub/bucket.

So you can use this treatment while y on the move. It works really well, especially if you walk around or travel a lot.

However, note that you’ll need to apply this twice a day. So make sure you schedule its application times!

Additional Tips.

Think treating nail fungus stops here?

It doesn’t. There are many ways to get rid of the problem. And one we’d like to mention is commercial creams.

Those creams work best for chronic conditions. So if you’ve been negligent with toes, try those.

However, the previous solutions work really. But you have to use them in tandem with proper foot care.

And this includes…

  • Trimming toe nails (do it as often as you can).
  • Breathable shoes and socks (you don’t want moisture on your feet 24/7. That’s how fungus grows).
  • Stay barefoot at home (Don’t keep your feet covered non-stop. A slipper is all you need).
  • Don’t go in public barefoot (You don’t want to catch an infection from other sources).

And that’s it. Be sure to apply the previous remedies, and keep your feet in top shape!