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5 Ways to Improve Your Artistic Skills

Painting and drawing are some of the best ways to pass your time productively and creatively. However, often you might find yourself in a bit of a rut because you paint as a hobby and not as a professional. It might seem as if no matter how much you paint you just cannot seem to improve. Here’s a quick guide for Drawing for beginners.

Now, in our world today you don’t need an art degree to improve as an artist, especially if you are just a hobbyist. Therefore, here are some of our best tips for improving your artistic skills:

Watch Video Tutorials:

YouTube is filled with thousands of video tutorials that can help you improve. You can paint behind someone as they paint on the screen. A wonderful example is the highly coveted artist Bob Ross whose videos people still paint behind to create spectacular works of art.

You can also learn new techniques, tips, and tricks that amazing artist’s use. You might even get some know-how on the right kind of equipment that you can use for improving yourself.

Take Risks

Nearly all artists know the feeling of creating something wonderful and fearing that a new technique you have in mind will destroy it. You need to get over that fear and apply the technique to your work without fearing the consequence. Know that you can always start over if it doesn’t work out. Only when you take risks, do you eventually improve your artwork.

Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by Numbers kits is all the rage these days. Adult paint by numbers kits can actually help you improve your artistic skill too. All you have to do is paint on the canvas using the paint that corresponds to the number on a specific shape on the canvas.

When you use paint by numbers kit, you learn a lot of new things which you can apply to your paintings otherwise as well. For example, you can work on new brush techniques. You understand more about how to work with colors. You realize the importance of keeping your work and the work environment clean as well.

Paint by numbers kits also come with a choice between acrylic and oil paints. You can try your hand at both media to see which one works best for you.

Get Constructive Critique

If you have any buddies that draw well, you can ask them for a constructive critique. Keep in mind though, that some of their comments might seem crude or mean, but remember that you need to look past that and focus on how you can improve.

If you think asking friends for help is not an option, you can post your art in a couple of different online portals. You are sure to get some wonderful critique there!


Lastly, nothing can help you more than practicing. Draw as often as you can and do not give up. Apply new techniques to your work. Take risks. Try new media as well. Eventually, your skill will soar the skies!

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