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6 Ways In Which Weed Improves An Active Lifestyle

Cannabis is a drug that has seen its fair share of controversy over the years, but now, as more and more research is done into its medical benefits, the common perception of cannabis as a recreational gateway drug is changing.

Cannabis can have numerous medical benefits that can help you achieve and improve an active lifestyle. Many athletes have started using cannabis products to help with their training and recovery.

Many athletes, including UFC fighters like Nate Diaz, Sean O’Malley, and Jorge Masvidal, don’t only use cannabis products but also endorse them. Therefore, in today’s post, I am going to tell you how you can improve your active lifestyle by using cannabis products.
Cannabis can improve your muscle recovery:

Muscle stiffness and soreness are problems everyone with an active lifestyle has to face, regardless of whether they just started working out or are seasoned athletes. Whenever you increase the intensity of your training, you are surely going to experience some muscle soreness.

When we work out and exert our muscles, lactic acid can build up, which causes stiffness. Though lactic acid does dissipate over time, cannabis can accelerate this process. Moreover, when our muscles are exerted, they can develop microfractures, which can lead to inflammation in some cases.

However, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis can be quite helpful in recovery.

Marijuana can counter stress and anxiety:

These days, stress and anxiety have become quite mainstream, and everyone has to deal with unhealthy levels of stress regardless of age. Chronic stress can be extremely detrimental for both our physical and mental health, and it can also take a toll on our careers and social life.

Stress and anxiety can make you tired, and when you have so much going on in your head, working out or playing a sport usually takes a back seat. However, cannabis is an excellent solution.

One of the most common benefits of cannabis is countering stress. Its cannabinoids can affect our natural endocannabinoid system and cause hormones like dopamine to be released. Dopamine is a pleasure hormone, and it can counteract the effects of cortisol, which is the primary stress-causing hormone.

Extreme and intense exercise is also known to increase your cortisol levels; therefore, using cannabis after your workouts is a great way
to deal with post-workout stress.

CBD oil can help you recover from injuries in a non-psychoactive way:

If you have an active lifestyle, or you are an athlete, injuries are somewhat unavoidable, no matter how careful you are. These small injuries can be quite devastating, as they can make it difficult for you to train, and of course, they are quite painful as well.

However, cannabis products, especially CBD oil, can accelerate your recovery and numb the pain as well. Furthermore, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can be very beneficial in treating injuries like sprains and pulled muscles.

CBD oil can be ingested and used topically as well; I’d suggest doing both treatments; however, if you need to comply with some drug tests and your sport doesn’t allow cannabis, you should stick with topical application. CBD oil can numb your pain effectively and accelerate your healing process without causing any psychoactive effects.

Cannabis increases your energy and improves your focus:

The effect that cannabis has on your mind depends a lot upon the strain you are using. Most people have the misconception that cannabis, in general, makes you lazy and lethargic. Though that may be the case with specific indica strain, not every strain of cannabis will get you stuck on the couch. Some sativa strains are also known to boost your energy and increase your creativity.

Any cannabis strain, concentrate, or edible has on your mind, depends a lot upon the ratio of the two main cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Where THC is known for its psychoactive effects, and some medical benefits as well, the bulk of the medicinal properties of cannabis come for CBD.
Therefore, get some CBD edibles, because smoking weed can be bad for your lungs. Though cannabis smoke is not nearly as harmful as tobacco, it can still introduce some carcinogens to your lungs.

Cannabis helps athletes without the risk of USADA violations:

USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) is the main regulatory body of drug use in professional sports. It is their responsibility to keep oil beloved sports safe from cheating through PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). Any major sport in the US has to comply with USADA, which can come with some complications.

Of course, not every athlete wants to use PEDs; however, USADA also prohibits the use of certain painkillers and antibiotics as they can be used to mask the effects of PEDs. Therefore, Cannabis products like CBD oil can be a very effective natural alternative to these pain killers, and they can be quite helpful for athletes.

Similar to USADA, the CCES (Canadian Center for Ethics in Sports) also regulates the use of PEDs; therefore, using cannabis products can be a great alternative to prohibited painkillers. Weed is also quite easily accessible in Canada since it has been legalized, you can easily buy weed online in Canada and any other cannabis products like CBD oil.

Cannabis can boost your metabolism:

Another impressive effect of cannabis is that it can increase your metabolism. This means that cannabis can help you lose weight as well. Therefore, if you have started working out to cut some weight, cannabis can be helpful.

Several studies have linked the uses of cannabis with significantly lower obesity rates and lower BMIs.
Increased metabolism means that your body converts food into energy more efficiently, which allows you to work out longer without getting tired.
Cannabis is a fascinating substance, and though it is more popular as a recreational drug, it can benefit your physical and psychological health. Cannabis can be especially helpful if you are trying to achieve or improve an active and healthy lifestyle.

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