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Pregnancy Skin Care: Safe Anti-Aging Ingredients During Pregnancy

Anti-aging serums for moms-to-be are available, but care should be taken ingredients that will hurt your skin. During pregnancy hormonal imbalance causes the skin to change. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and hydroquinone-based products are unhealthy for you during pregnancy. Although there are other safe products; microdermabrasion and facial treatment skin care alternatives during pregnancy. Nasolabial folds, wrinkles, are common types of skin blemishes that can appear during pregnancy.

The stress from the extra weight of your baby and the natural signs of aging can affect the glow of your skin. Water can help as a diuretic that flushes toxins and keeps your skin hydrated at the same time. More so you need to maintain the body’s amniotic fluid with at least 2 liters of water. However, crow’s feet around eyes and laugh lines become visible in areas of the body with weak facial muscles. It’s safe to erase wrinkles around lips with the right diets and invasive methods.

Pregnancy period can be a cranky time because you get worried about many things. However, stress can add pressure to transform your facial skin.

Tea Bags And Skin Beauty

Regular tea bags can do the magic of rejuvenating your skin. Naturally, a reused tea bag is the best under eye puffiness reducer. Reusing two tea bags after placing them in a refrigerator for at least an hour can fade around-the-eye dark spots. The caffeine from tea leaves seeps into the sublayer of the skin and increases the flow of oxygen through tiny under-the-eye blood vessels. Skin cells need oxygen and blood to prevent oxidative stress.

However, the tannins from tea bags are anti-inflammatory; tannins reduce swelling and dark shadows (discoloration) under the eyes.

Serums And Exfoliants

The use of chemical exfoliants to scrap dead skin cells is safe for mothers-to-be. However, serums are fast-absorbing; they contain natural extracts that fades dark circles around the eye. Serums are like creams, and their special formula is rich in antioxidants. Highly effective antioxidants restore the skin’s elasticity and protect collagens by fighting free radical agents. During a period of pregnancy, harmful radiation from sunlight and toxins can invade your skin cells.
However, the damage to skin cells will result in a weaker layer of the skin that shows as wrinkles and freckles. To transform your skin from dull to bright skin pigmentation; massage the affected spots with stem cell serum and rollerball tubes.

Avoid Retinol (retinoic acid)

Retinol is a highly effective skincare formula that’s also called Retin-A (or retinoic acid). Acnes are the most common skin blemishes for moms-to-be, but retinoic acid can harm unborn children. Apart from fighting pimples, Retin-A improves your skin’s texture and fades smile lines. However, it requires a daily application for at least six weeks to have a smoother skin. Where there are stubborn spots on the face and neck, red scars can show up after treating them.

So, non-expectant mothers combine retinol with anti-inflammatory ingredients to clear red spots. Retin-A proves to be the best serum for face anti-aging and clearing stretch marks after childbirth. Sunlight breaks retinol that has been applied on the skin and makes the formula inactive. More so, it’s ineffective to mix retinol with benzoyl peroxide.
However, skin care experts recommend people that are not pregnant to wear retinol-based creams before going to bed.

Under-Eye Patches

During pregnancy it safe to mask your under-eye skin with antioxidant-based patches and hydrating ingredients. An anti-inflammation patch brightens complexion and clear dark spots that develop during pregnancy. Apart from removing irritating dark spots, under-eye patches give an even tone and leave moms-to-be with youthful-looking eyes. You can enjoy a special facial treatment at home without spending a fortune on spa sessions.

All-In-One Suncream With Natural Ingredients

During pregnancy, excessive sunlight exposure can render your skin care solutions ineffective. Use the best anti-aging skin care with sunlight protection. By wearing sun-blockers as creams, you’ve indirectly prevented bacteria buildup and harmful radiations on the sub-layers of your skin. With an all-in-one suncream, moms-to-be can enjoy skincare ingredients laced with antioxidants and bioflavonoids. So, the application of natural ingredients is a safe method of restoring the skin’s pH balance.

Avoid Accutane

Like Retin-A, topical creams like Accutane are harmful chemicals to avoid during a period of pregnancy. Every mom-to-be have skin expansion, especially around their belly. So, it’s easy for harmful chemicals from Accutane to be absorbed through their stretched skin to the unborn baby. Avoid topical Accutane even when they contain beta-hydroxy and salicylic acids. The application of harmful formulas will contaminate the bloodstream of moms-to-be and affect her child. Pregnancy skincare routine shouldn’t contain harsh ingredients.

Vitamin-Rich Ingredients

Vitamin E and C, are active ingredients that protect the skin and increase the secretion of collagen. Hormonal imbalance is a regular trend while pregnant. However, vitamin-rich ingredients have a plumping effect that tightens the skin. More so, these ingredients are effective sun blockers that slow the effect of aging.

Use herbal oils

Jojoba, almonds, and olive oil are some healthy omega-3 fatty acids that boost collagen. By using herbal body oil; it clears stretch marks faster without side effects. The application of herbal oil works better before going to bed at night. However, use herbal oils on your belly, hips, and breasts to clear skin blemishes.

Consume Omega-3 Fats

A natural skin care tip is eating the right diets. Create a diet plan that contains omega-3 fatty oils like salmon, sardines, olive nuts, fish oil supplements and many more. During pregnancy, indulge in the right kind of seafood to slow the development of wrinkles. Brighten your appearance by consuming omega-3 fatty acids and drink plenty of water.


Skin care solutions of apple stem cell serum, vitamin C, and plankton extract are effective age-defying formulas. However, care must be taken to read labels of skin care products before applying them. Use a rollerball applicator when applying hydrating ingredients to your skin. Applicators help to apply the right portions and retrieve excess drops of collagen boosters. The skin absorbs anti-aging serum quickly without leaving any residue on the surface. Fillers are expensive skin-boosting injections; ensure that they contain safe ingredients before using fillers.