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How To Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Your Mac or PC

Raise your hand if you’re excited to owe money to a cartoon raccoon in a couple of months!

That’s right, Animal Crossing New Horizons will be released on March 20th for the Nintendo Switch. To say there has been a lot of hype about this game is an understatement.

But if you can’t wait that long, you can still get your cute critter fix from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Maybe you haven’t tried it yet because, well, mobile games aren’t your thing. Maybe you have tried it and have since gotten bored and moved on.

But have you tried playing Animal Crossing on Mac or PC?

It is possible! It’s also a great way to play Pocket Camp for the first time or to get back into it with a fresh perspective. Read on to find out why and how you should enjoy Pocket Camp on your desktop…

…at least until Animal Crossing New Horizons comes out.

Why Play Animal Crossing on Mac or PC?

Pocket Camp was designed for mobile screens but you can still easily miss some details on your small screen.

For example, bug hunting.

They’re small and easy to miss. How many bugs have you walked by while playing on your phone? The same goes for fishing. The mechanics just become easier to manage on a larger screen, not to mention you have better control with a mouse and keyboard.

For a lot of people, playing Animal Crossing online is a form of self-care. The music is soothing, the environment is comfy, the character designs are adorable. Getting into the Animal Crossing vibe is just amazing.

And it’s so much easier to experience that on a larger screen.

Playing Pocket Camp is a great way to introduce someone to the Animal Crossing franchise, too. Its mechanics are simpler and streamlined, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Playing this version of Animal Crossing could appeal to older people in much the same way the Wii did back in the early 2000s. But in this case, it would have to be played on a larger screen to accommodate the demographic’s sight impairments.

What I’m saying is you get should Grandma on the Animal Crossing Hype train this way.
But seriously, making this fun and relaxing game more accessible to all the different people in your life is nothing but a good thing. Animal Crossing was always meant to be a shared experience!

The Apps

So, you’re on board and ready to start decorating your camping site. But how exactly do you manage that? Luckily, there are a few ways you can go about it.

Apowersoft is a fantastic phone mirroring option. This app has some pretty cool features like taking screenshots of your little camp or even recording gameplay. I don’t know about you, but we’d watch a let’s play of someone playing animal crossing online.

Another option to play Animal Crossing on Mac or PC is BlueStacks. This Android Emulator is a popular choice for mobile game fans. While you can access other apps just like a normal phone, it focuses on mobile games.

The last option we suggest is Nox, which has some very special features. It can directly root your device and has a multiplayer function, which means visitors to your camp! Be aware though, this option might require a higher processor to take advantage of these features.

Pocket Camp Quick Tips

  • If you’re more of a console player and haven’t really done a lot of PC or Mac gaming, be sure to equip yourself with the proper gaming knowledge. It will be helpful to know things like how to zoom out on a mac or how to screenshot on a PC.
  • You can stockpile fruit by shaking trees and leaving the fruit on the ground. They don’t disappear and they won’t take up space in your inventory if you just leave them there.
  • Speaking of shaking trees, if you shake one that doesn’t bear fruit a sack of bells could fall out. This can happen once per day so make sure to make your rounds.
  • If you link your My Nintendo Rewards account to Pocket camp, you will get weekly missions. Completing these special missions can get you needed materials or even some exclusive gear. You’ll be the envy of all your furry neighbors.
  • Make a lot of human friends too! Having a big friends list will make the Marketplace tool even more valuable to you.
  • Speaking of Marketplace, a good tip is to sell semi-rare items but hold onto the very rare ones. Semi-rare and useful items are much easier to sell than items that are rare but really don’t do anything.
  • Fishing is the easiest and fastest way to earn bells. If you’re in a bind, head to the water!
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pocket Camp are two different kinds of games so there won’t be a lot of crossovers. However, you can expect some collaborative items between them both down the road.
  • Lastly, if you log onto Pocket Camp on your birthday, you’ll get well wishes from your animal friends all day!

Get Campin’!

Playing Animal Crossing on Mac or PC opens up a whole new way to experience the game. There really isn’t a better way to pre-game for Horizons. It’s also the best way to bring new people into the Animal Crossing Community.

Most importantly though, we miss KK Slider’s tunes.

What new feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons are you most excited about? What are you hoping to see carry over from Pocket Camp? Comment below and let us know!

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