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Further Delays Imminent For Casino Goers

For a while it was seeming as if the tourism industry could be back on track as good signs were starting to emerge, many countries started to see a reduction in positive coronavirus cases and there were suggestions that we could see travel get started as businesses were looking to reopen – but it’s not starting to seem as if those hopes were a little short lived for some parts of the world.

The big cause for concern has largely been seen within the US as confirmed cases continue to rise, but it is starting to have an impact on many of the businesses that were looking to find a period of recovery – the most recent big hit has been within the state of Nevada as it had been announced this weekend that bars would have to close once again, just a month after reopening. This closure has been attributed to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the state and throws many businesses who were in a state of recovery to enter a bit of a tough period again – but there had been one big establishment curiously left off the list of businesses to close.

The establishment missing has been within casinos as they will continue to be allowed to remain open despite the closure of other businesses – many had been attributed in some way to the rise in cases within the state after videos emerged showing crowded atriums with guests not wearing masks and social distancing guidelines being largely ignored. There had been recent rule changes to make masks mandatory for guests where they had previously only been mandatory for employees, but as numbers have continued to rise it seems this change has had little effect as many guests still ignore the advice given.

There has been a welcome alternative for punters – as sporting events are returning it has opened the doors for sports betting to get underway once again, and although there have been changes to regulation such as the Gamstop initiative which had been aimed at reducing participation options for problem gamblers, Maximum casino’s list of sites not on gamstop continues to grow as more operators are offering alternatives to players looking for a place to play.

This does bring into question just when this sector may recover, however, as further closures could cause a lot of issues. When the establishments were first closed there had already been a call for concern to whether or not they’d be able to reopen at all, and now just a month after reopening for the first time things are being thrown back into question – if you are looking to travel or were set to in the near future, it would be wise to monitor travel advice as it is changing for many countries extremely quickly, especially if you’re looking to travel to an offline casino location as you may be met with closed doors sooner rather than later and further delaying a return to normal for many.