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Labor Day Wedding Ideas

Although it might mean that summer is coming to an end, a three day weekend is still a reason to celebrate. And what better celebration than a wedding?! Tons of couples across the United States seek out three day weekends throughout the year to secure for their big day, but particularly Labor Day for the incredible weather. In fact, a 2017 Knot article disclosed that 27,819 of their users were getting married at some point over the holiday weekend that year. With three days of fun, food, friends, and family, Labor Day weekends can be quite the event. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a long weekend wedding.

Make it a vacation

The main thing you need to keep in mind with a Labor Day Weekend wedding is that all of your guests will be giving up a potential vacation to come celebrate with you. To make up for that, why not host your wedding somewhere that still feels like a vacation?! Here are a few ideas:

  • The beach
  • Orlando florida (to be close to Disney)
  • The mountains
  • By a lake
  • A destination

All of the above are great options for a wedding and can also double as a fun trip for your guests. Have groups of family or friends rent out a block of Airbnb’s or a cabin for the weekend so that it feels like a big party!

Plan lots of activities

If you want people to stick around for the whole weekend, you’ll need to plan some fun activities on the days before/after the wedding. If you take our first tip, then there will be endless things for your guests to do! Like…

  • Going to a waterpark
  • Going to a theme park
  • Hiking/backpacking
  • White water rafting
  • Tubing
  • Fishing
  • Renting a pontoon boat
  • A guided tour

These will all keep your guests busy and give the two families tons of time to meet, hangout, and bond.

Know how to tie in red and blue

We know you’ve probably had a vision of your wedding in your head since he put that engagement ring on your finger. But, if you’ve always wanted dark blue bridesmaid dresses and now you’ve chosen to get married over Labor Day Weekend, you might want to reconsider. Although everyone knows what weekend it is, having a Labor Day THEMED wedding is very different than simply having your wedding over the long weekend. If you’re into a red, white, and blue wedding, then by all means, go all out. But, if you want to keep it separate from the holiday then you’ll need to be careful about how you tie in red and blue.

Our advice would be to use them sparingly. If you want blue bridesmaid dresses then go with a dusty light blue or an ocean blue. Tablecloth linens and other items that will be focal points for long periods of time should be more neutral. This will help balance any blue and red you do decide to use. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate the colors without going overboard.

Three day weekend weddings definitely have their pros and cons. If you can swing it, though, it’s a great way to spend optimal times with those you love most.