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Brick by Brick: 5 Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes That You Should Be Considering

Are you looking for a new color to paint your brick home? While brick houses can look stately, they can also look tired after a while. A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to refresh the brick house in your life.

Keep reading to learn about 5 exterior paint colors for brick homes that you should consider!

1. Top Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes Include White

White houses look clean and fresh, so give this color some thought. With a coat of white paint, your house will be instantly brighter and may even look a bit bigger.

Another benefit? Nearly every type of landscaping color scheme will match it. You can stick with monochromatic greens or add a dose of vibrant color. In either case, your white brickwork will serve as the perfect backdrop.

2. Gray Is Always a Classic Choice

Gray might sound boring or safe, but not all grays are the same. Some grays are cooler while some are warmer. Just about any gray will result in a clean, classic, or even modern look.

If a cooler tone is your preference, reach for the dove gray paint. You’ll see some blush undertones when you look at it, but the gray itself veers a little closer to blue.

3. Go Bold With Black

Painting your bricks black can take a traditional home and make it modern. Even the most humble exterior can look sharper with a coating of black paint.

Pair it with some crisp or dramatic landscaping, like a royal purple smoke bush, and you’ll have an elegant property.

4. Paint With Green

Strong brick home paint colors also include green. While lighter yellow-greens can look good in seaside towns, they might be too jazzy for a suburban paradise. There are other greens, though.

A house should meld with its environment, so why not paint it in an earth tone? Greens with a touch of brown in them are a great choice if you want your home to blend with the trees around it. Your house will look like a warm cottage in the woods!

5. Try a Multi-Color Scheme

Who says you have to choose one color? It’s become trendy to select certain parts of your brickwork to paint while leaving other sections as is. This look can add texture and movement to your home’s appearance.

Painting portions of a darker brick in a warm beige, for instance, can lighten the exterior of your home. This creates a more welcoming ambiance. Or adding some punchier grays to light brickwork can amp up a dull exterior.

Choosing colors boils down to finding a color that complements your home’s design and makes you happy. Consulting professionals for guidance always is a good solution if you’re struggling to choose the right color.

Get Painting

Color can take a modest home and elevate it to charmer status. Going with top exterior paint colors for brick homes means that your home’s new look will stand the test of time. Make the move and upgrade your home’s facade.

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