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10 Innovative Ways to Foster Fun at Work

Strong and motivating workplace culture has become one of the key elements of most of the organizations as they wish to progress in the market with a positive attitude. Entrepreneurs work hard to maintain an entertaining workplace environment because they know that it would encourage the employees of the company to increase their productivity and deliver the required assignments on time.

It is extremely important to promote an entertaining as well as a friendly environment at the workplace because research shows that employees do not work well in a stressful atmosphere. You need to keep your workforce motivated so that you can meet the goals and objectives of your company and expand your business over the years. Moreover, a well-motivated workforce decreases the labor turnover rate which means that employees won’t be willing to leave your company and they will become an integral part of the organization. There are a number of ways to make your organization a fun place to work, for example; installing a wheel spinner or a television with Mediacom cable would be one way to go.

Here are some of the ways that you can use to keep your employees happy and motivated to work:

1. A Dedicated Gaming Space

If you want to motivate your team, you should encourage them to take regular breaks because they can refresh their minds and work well. Regular breaks would enable them to relax their minds so that they can think and work better when they resume their shift. You should have a dedicated gaming area for your employees so that they can play games like PlayStation, Foosball, Chess, and Badminton etc. Such games would be highly appreciated by your employees because they would know that the company takes care of them by providing them with such facilities and such a gesture would definitely put a smile on their faces. Games can reduce the stress levels of your employees to a great extent, allowing them to focus more when they resume work.

2. Going Out Regularly

Going out with your team is probably the best way to know them better because talking with your employees outside of work makes them open up more with you and the comfort level increases as well. When you go out with your employees on a regular basis, you develop a relationship of trust with them which is vital for the growth of your company. There are numerous activities that you can do when you are going out with your team like bowling, having dinner, playing tennis etc.

3. Encouraging Friendships

Socializing with your fellow coworkers is a good idea to promote a friendly environment in the company. As the employees of the organization get comfortable with each other, it will get easier for them to get the work done in a timely manner. Friendships at the workplace can help you develop a sense of belonging and you can achieve greater levels of satisfaction and motivation.

4. Decorating the Workplace

A large proportion of your day is spent at the office and therefore, it is important to keep organized and decorated so that you enjoy being at work and like your workplace. Moreover, your office reflects the image of your brand which is why you should make it attractive and enticing for the visitors. There are a number of ways to decorate your office including appealing wallpapers, fancy yet comfortable furniture, a well-organized reception for the guests, paintings etc. In addition to this, you can ask your teammates for creative ideas that you can implement at your workplace. Taking their advice would make them feel better because they would know that their opinion matters to you.

5. Encouraging Pets at Workplace

Some recent studies have shown that having pets at the workplace can significantly increase the motivation of the employees and reduce their stress level by sparking communication between them. There are animals that can be tamed as a pet at your workplace, for example; cats, pigeons, parrots, hamsters, goldfish etc. A research was conducted regarding office pets and it was concluded that workers who had dogs as pets in the workplace were known to be more productive and motivated than those who had other animals.

6. Promote Decision Making

Entrepreneurs who allow their subordinates to make decisions tend to produce loyal employees in their organizations. When employees are given the power of making decisions on behalf of their supervisor, they see themselves as leaders and they tend to take more responsibility for their work. By dedicating tasks to the employees, you bring fresh ideas into your company that can help you grow and expand your business. Employees are creative and they know the insights of your organization, that is why it is always a good idea to take their advice before any important decisions are made.

7. Celebrate Employee Achievements

When an employee in your company achieves his targets for the month, you should appreciate him and call for a little party just to make him feel better. This would encourage others around him to perform better because they would know that their achievements are recognized and appreciated by the upper authority. Better performance of your workforce will ultimately allow you to achieve the goals of your company and you will grow to become a successful company in the industry.

8. Encourage Hobbies at Workplace

People are very passionate about their hobbies and they love talking about them with one another. This is exactly what you have to promote at your company. You should allow your employees to work on their hobbies so that they can recharge their batteries and bond over interests that are common.

9. Arrange Trips

Long trips can be exceptional for increasing motivation. You should take your teammates on long trips so that they can relax their minds and get some time off work. Trips can be arranged according to the preference of the employees so that they can enjoy to their fullest and have fun amongst each other.

10. Offer Incentives

Rewards and incentives for good performance is the key to the success of most of the organizations. People work better when they know that there is a reward for a task. Therefore, you should offer rewards to your employees when they perform better in order to retain the performance level.
These are some of the things that you can do to make your workplace more entertaining for the employees in order to increase their motivation level for better productivity of the company.