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The Skills That Are Most Vital to Businesses in 2021

Being able to succeed in business is all about being able to find and use the right skills. Whether you are looking to get into the business world or are simply trying to define the skills that you need to cultivate within your own company, here is a list of some of the skills that are most vital to businesses in 2021 and beyond. 

Data Analytics 

Data analytics has become increasingly relevant to a large number of sectors and industries in recent years as more companies try to make data-driven decisions. Not only can data analytics allow companies to understand their customers and their behaviour, but it can help to isolate areas of their business which need improvement and to develop these (focusing resources and avoiding wastage). Data analysis has become a constant activity in most companies, both small and large. At the moment, data analytics is starting to be used to improve digital marketing campaigns in industries such as retail and hospitality, and you can click here to find out more about the opportunities that are on offer for data analysts in marketing. 

Online Journalism

Although you might believe that online journalism is a niche skill that is only required in the newspaper and publishing worlds, this is not the case. Instead, nearly all companies who operate online use some sort of online journalism to showcase their products and to share information about their brand. For instance, most companies host blogs where they can update their customers about what is going on in their business and showcase their knowledge of certain subjects. Luckily, there are many ways to improve writing skills, including: reading examples of the type of content that you are looking at writing; reading style guides; using outlines and templates; and imitating other digital writing until this becomes second nature to you.  

Digital Design

While designers were once employed in business to create large billboards and posters for companies, this has now moved online along with every other aspect of business. For instance, graphic designers are now asked to create vivid and memorable digital logos and web pages that can be interacted with and that will appeal to a business’s target audience. Designers have also started to focus on user experience and interface design, which can help websites to be easy to navigate and accessible to the customers that certain businesses are targeting. This can then help companies to retain their loyal customers and to ensure that website and cart abandonment does not happen on such a regular basis.

Web Development

Web developers help businesses to create digital content, such as their website and their mobile applications. Understanding mobile applications is particularly important in 2021 as more customers start to interact with brands on their portable devices, especially when it comes to e-commerce. This means that web development skills are vital when companies start to move or sell online. However, web development skills can easily be improved by learning to write code and practicing this daily, as well as by joining open source projects, which can give web developers the chance to hone their skills and to connect with other professionals in the web development business. It is also important for businesses to have individuals who are adept at a wider range of computer programming skills, from machine learning to software engineering. 

Project Management

However, not all the skills that you need to succeed in business are purely digital, with project management still high on the list of skills that are required by businesses in 2021. Businesses are always looking for leaders to help them to move their company forward, and to do this, you need to be (or look for people who are) great at forecasting and risk assessments, who can make data-driven decisions on the spur of the moment, and who can plan in advance both in terms of operations and finances. People who have great project management skills will also usually be excellent delegators and communicators and will be adept at using software for their own ends. Due to the nature of the digital world that businesses now operate in, it is also important that your project management skills include adaptability and innovation, as this will allow businesses to keep up with the fast-changing modern world


As well as having great content writing skills, businesses also need to look for individuals whose skills include that of search engine optimization, as this is one of the greatest elements that companies now rely on to streamline their marketing campaigns. There are many online guides that can help individuals to understand everything from backlinks to keywords, and they can even help to teach others SEO to cement their knowledge and to continually improve their skill. 

Finance and Accounting

No matter what industry you or your business are in, finance is one of the most important departments of any company as this is what controls its ability to keep going. Finance and accounting skills will always be in great demand for business owners no matter how the digital world changes, or what software there is out there to help entrepreneurs to cope with accounting themselves. In the modern world, those who are interested in accounting must also have a detailed understanding of the cloud and how to use it, as well as enterprise resource planning. 

Whether you own a business or are looking to get into the business world, the right skills are vital to your success. There are a huge range of skills that every business looks for, from tech-based ones such as coding, to more general skills, such as accounting. This means that there is a place in business for people with a wide variety of different experiences and talents. Even if you do not believe that you or your business has the right skill-set currently, there are many ways that you can cultivate your current employees, from taking an online course to reading guides and watching videos online.

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