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Great Home Decor Ideas to Set The Room Apart Without Breaking The Bank

Have you lived in your home for quite a while? If so then maybe the site of your four walls has started to get to you during the lockdown of the current COVID-19 pandemic. It could be time for a new look.

But what home decor ideas will work for your house and where can you look for inspiration?

Whatever your budget there are so many home renovation plans that could truly benefit you. Here’s everything you need to know

1.Minimalist Look

One of the best home decor ideas is to create a minimalist look. We are constantly surrounded by clutter today and entering a space that is noisy both in terms of the furniture and the wall coverings can be aggravating to us.

Instead, consider a minimalist look. This is where you try to ration the amount of furniture you have in your front room. You might start to think more carefully about buying home decor for the sack of it.

Whitewashed walls and simple furniture with clever storage solutions are all features of a minimalist look you might want to consider.

2. Feature Wall

One of the best home renovation plans you can thing of includes creating a feature wall. These are easy to make yourself with wallpaper.

A feature wall can be something interesting in an otherwise bland room. You could paint the wall in a dark color and also include shelves with many interesting objects.

A shelf on a feature wall could also be the place for you to display your celebrity cruise ship photos. It will be a reminder to you and your guests. Our cruise deals are lower than your stress level on our lido deck.

3. Baroque Look

Another great home decor look you could go for that won’t break the bank, if you are worried about home decor costs, is the baroque look.

This gives your room an extravagant feel but for a cheap price. You can paint your room in darker colors but with lots of frills. It can be a great of displaying an upright or grand piano if you have one and are worried about how it will fit into your room.

You can also decorate the room with a nice carpet or you could use some rugs instead to make the room look less bare.
Another tip is to hide the television away in a homemade wooden cabinet so that guests feel as if they have stepped back in time to the 18th or 17th centuries.

There Are So Many Home Decor Ideas

There are almost endless home decor ideas you can use to redesign your home and give it a fresh new look. From whitewashed walls in a new minimalist space to features walls.

You can even go with a radical baroque look that can transport your guests back in time.

If you are interested in reading more about home decor ideas then be sure to check out the rest of our site.