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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Semi-Truck For a Day?

Today it’s easier and affordable to move to a new place using a rental truck. Home Depot has expanded in services from being a hardware store to renting semi trucks for moving within the State limits. People who want to relocate to a close town and have a tight budget could consider renting a Home Depot semi-truck for a day. I

It would be useful to read our guides and take a rough estimate of the rental price and guidelines. Home Depot has three different types of trucks to offer: pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks. We will cover cargo vans and box trucks, which are included under semi-trucks. 

Which Are the Most Important Rental Cost Factors?

To have a rough estimate of the costs when moving using a Home Depot semi-truck, you need to know all the parameters. First, the size of the rental truck is important to define your costs. Then, you can calculate the precise amount of time you will need for your Home Depot rental truck.

Finally, the gas you are going to need to relocate is also an important factor affecting the final cost of your relocation. Home Depot will always ask for a deposit before allowing you to have access to a rental semi-truck. There is also no way to make reservations as all Home Depot stores work on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

You shouldn’t expect to pay anything for insurance, and you should only present Home Depot personnel with a valid driving license to be eligible to rent one of their semi-trucks. 

A Complete Price Guide for Home Depot Rental Semi-Trucks

Cargo vans are the medium-sized semi-trucks available at Home Depot. They can carry an estimated 3,000 pounds net weight, and their truck volume comes up to 277 cubic feet. They are wide enough to allow you to move your sofa and other home furniture. Even though they don’t have a liftgate, their doors are easy to open, and you can safely load all appliances, furniture, and boxes. 

The base price for Home Depot cargo vans starts from $19 per hour. A refundable deficit of $150 for Home Depot associates to allow you to rent their vehicle is mandatory. The minimum rental period comes up to three hours, and there is a $5 surcharge for every fifteen minutes of delay. If you prefer to keep the cargo van for the whole day, it would cost you approximately $99. 

The same applies to the bigger semi-truck Home Depot can offer to its customers. The box truck usually comes with an integrated liftgate for increased efficiency when relocating to a close distance city or town rapidly. It has a weight allowance of 3,850 pounds and a massive storage space close to 515 cubic feet. Its name implies it can handle more boxes than any other semi-truck and help you relocate in a few hours. 

Its improved storage efficiency makes it more expensive than the other trucks. You can rent a box truck for $29 per hour with a required deposit of $150 that is refundable when you return it. Every additional quarter of delay would cost you $5 more, or you could pay a $139 flat rate to rent it for the whole day. 

Other Things to Consider When Renting A Home Depot Semi-Truck

As mentioned before, you have full liability insurance coverage when driving a Home Depot semi-truck. That includes the damages incurred to others by your driving and the damage to the Home Depot semi-truck. There is absolutely no restriction on the miles you can drive with a rented truck. You only must return the truck with the same fuel load as it was when you rented it. 

On the other hand, when relocating on a tight budget, you need to be swift and never lose time. Time delays could be costly and blow out your relocation costs since Home Depot has a strict policy charging you for every additional five minutes of delay. To benefit more from renting a Home Depot semi-truck, you must have pre-packed all your stuff in boxes and have family and friends helping you carry heavy appliances and furniture. 

Home Depot semi-trucks are the most affordable way to relocate within your town. They are easy to drive and have a lower gas consumption rate than others. Preparation and being punctual to your moving schedule would be the best values to uphold and benefit more from Home Depot semi-trucks.

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