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Tips for Campers Caught in Bad Weather

Camping is a great way to relax after a long week. Waking up to the sounds and scents of nature is sure to put anyone in a good mood.

Of course, you can never fully predict the weather, and in the UK, a sunny day can turn into a rainy one in a matter of minutes. If you’re ever caught in bad weather during a camping trip, try the following tips:

Pitch Wisely

Getting your tent pitched should be a top priority, even in bad weather. Look for a location that is on higher ground. If you put your tent at the bottom of a hill, you risk flooding. Avoid overhanging trees, especially those with dangling branches. A gust of wind could cause a tree to fall and hurt your family.

If it’s windy out, try blocking the draught with your car. Be sure to purchase high-quality tent pegs. The pegs that are sold with most tents are usually not strong enough to survive a storm. If all else fails, take shelter in your car until the storm passes.

Waterproof Everything

While the clothes you’re wearing are sure to get wet, you don’t want everything you packed to get soaked. Store all your bags inside a waterproof cover. It’s even smart to store your food in waterproof containers unless waterlogged biscuits are your preference.

Keep your feet dry by wearing wellies over your shoes, and always pack extra ponchos and tarps.

Watch the Weather

You don’t want to be far away from your campsite if the weather suddenly changes. Be sure to keep an eye on signs that a storm is approached. If you notice the clouds are getting darker or the temperature suddenly drops, it may be best to head back to your campsite.

Your nose can even help you predict bad weather. If you begin to smell dirt, mildew, or sweet flowers, rain may be coming.

Be Cautious at Night

The worst thing you can do is fall deeply asleep during a thunderstorm. Instead, it’s best to sleep lightly. Check on the condition of your tent frequently throughout the evening. Double check that all the pegs are secure. It may be necessary to re-peg the tent on several occasions.

If you don’t, your tent may blow away. Remove excess water from the top of your tent often. You don’t want the water to collapse the roof.

Wait it Out

When it rains, it’s out of your control. Instead of letting a rainstorm ruin your camping adventure, find ways to keep yourself busy. Consider packing board games for the family. You can even watch movies on a tablet. Bring extra battery chargers and flashlights to ensure you have enough light once it gets dark outside.

If you know what to do in the event of inclement weather, you’ll still enjoy your camping trip. Don’t let a rainy day keep you from enjoying your time in the wilderness.