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How to Select the Best PVC Shutters

If you are a pro at bargaining, you might be tempted to settle for cheaper PVC shutters. However, you should be aware of the risks involved in trying to save a few dollars more so when you are buying PVC shutters. You may already know that low-quality products do not look or feel the same as their authentic counterparts and they are not durable. To add to this, you need to know that cheap PVC shutters Perth pose a health risk to your household.

PVC shutters are a great and safe furnishing to your home, putting more emphasis on high-grade, toxic-free shutters. Low-grade, cheap PVC shutters are manufactured from substandard materials that can emit formaldehyde when they are hot, – well, formaldehyde is carcinogenic. This implies that you risk inhaling a toxin that causes asthma and other respiratory diseases when the sun hits your shutters.

 Further to the dangers of cheap, low-quality shutters, some manufacturers produce hollow shutters that are not treated with UV stabilizers. This results in crooked and discoloured window furnishings that are less attractive. To help you choose the best quality and aesthetic PVC shutters, here are some of the aspects that you should look out for.

  • Product Warranty

Reliable and efficient manufacturers will not shy away from providing a product and elements warranty for their PVC shutters. Make sure you get the warranty before purchasing.

  • Toxic-Free Accreditation

As earlier indicated, low-quality PVC shutters are a health risk from the nasty chemicals they can release. This is enough reason to purchase from companies who test their products for such toxins and they can prove this fact with a certificate.

  • Core Strength

Cheap PVC shutter manufactures hide in making hollow-centred products. Quality PVC shutters should have a strong, aluminium core that will not warp or bend even after it has been subjected to the fiercest summer sun.

  • Strong Connections

Most PVC shutters are manufactured by screwing the rail and the stile together. This is okay but is not as strong as a tenon and mortise joint. For strong and durable Hamptons shutters that can withstand daily use, choose the strong tenon and mortise joints. Screwed panels make the stile weak and the panels drop thus showing cracks in the stiles.

  • Look and Feel

 You may not always have an expert around when shopping for PVC shutters but this is not to say that you cannot do some quick tests alone. Standard PVC shutters are somehow heavy with aluminium for the blade inserters on most of them and they do not sound hollow when tapped.

  • Quality Finishing

Quality PVC shutters have a top-notch finish, made to last for several years for you to enjoy your aesthetically dressed windows. Make sure you ask about UV stabilizer paint because it impacts how well the shutters can withstand extreme temperatures and the paint finish warranty.

You are now armed with enough knowledge regarding PVC shutters and you can go ahead and shop for some for your household’s safety and elegance.