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Air Conditioning Woes What Type of Air Conditioner Should I Buy

Before the booming age of advanced technology, buying an air conditioner was relatively simple and straightforward. Today, due to all of the latest innovations in the air conditioner industry, it tends to be a lot more difficult for the average homeowner to buy their next unit.

That being said, here are some basic things that you should know, especially if you want to answer questions like, What type of air conditioner should I buy?

You Need an Overview of the Different Types of Air Conditioner Units

To make the right choice for your home, it is very important that you are equipped with good valuable information. The information that you find will not only help to break down the process in steps but also assist in buying the best air conditioner possible. Therefore, you may want to start with an overview of 3 common types of air conditioners.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are designed for specific purposes and reasons, including keeping small spaces in the home cool. Based on the need, your family may invest in a portable air conditioner that can be moved from room to room. For instance, these portable units can be used permanently in one room or for a temporary need (i.e., home’s large central air conditioning unit stops working).


If you are looking for an air conditioning unit that fits a permanent need, you may want to consider a unit that is wall-mounted. Wall-mounted A/Cs are made in a variety of different styles, including those that have both functionalities, cooling only, or cooling/heating. These units are also relatively simple to install. For instance, all the homeowner has to do is slide the chassis from its inside and then attach the metal sleeve through the wall of that same area.


If you do not like the installation process of the wall-mounted air conditioner, you want to consider the window-mounted air conditioner instead. The window-mounted unit is the most popular type for today’s homeowners. In fact, you may prefer this unit since it can be designed to fit in any window opening that you have available.

You Need to know what is Available in Air Conditioning High Energy Features

After you have reviewed the different types on the market today, you may want to begin looking at the different types of energy-efficient features. Because homeowners are always looking to cut down on the cost of their utility bills, the features in the appliances that they purchase can make a huge difference in the types of air conditioners that they buy. For instance, when you shop around for the best air conditioner for your family, you may discover these four energy-efficient features in particular since they can help the family to conserve on the amount of energy that is used by the household.

Highly-efficient coils and motors

You want to look for features in the new unit that will lessen the amount of energy consumed each month. For instance, some parts of the air conditioner have been designed in a way that moves the cool around efficiently so that specific parts perform their jobs well. So, you may want to search for an air conditioner unit that uses its coils and motors at its optimum best. The primary advantage of choosing a highly efficient coil and motor system is that the cool air circulates throughout the home, while it also conserves on its overall energy consumption.

Fan-only operation

Manufacturers have built some air conditioning units with better efficiency in mind during specific times of the day. This built-in feature uses a fan only operation setting to do its job. For instance, when the family uses the fan only setting during the early mornings or later at night, the air conditioner will begin to circulate the cool air that is already in the home’s atmosphere. By using a fan-only feature, the air conditioner’s compressor does not have to kick on to generate more energy for cooler air. This feature is an excellent option that can be used to save money during the cooler parts of the day.

Two-Stage Compressors

Some of the more efficient air conditioning units have been designed with a compressor that functions in two stages versus one. The two stages are meant to use the compressor in a more efficient way. For instance, when the unit is on a setting that conserves energy, it is running at the lowest level. On the other hand, if the unit is running at a higher level, it works harder to keep the rooms in the home cooler during the hottest times of the day.

Variable-speed air handler

The temperatures in the day hours can be vastly different from the night hours. Since the hot sun generates more heat in your home during the day, you need your air conditioning systems to work a lot harder than it does at night. Taking these varying temperatures into account, manufacturers have added efficient features that handle the different changes. For instance, if you want your air conditioning system to give you the ability to adjust to what is going on outside, you need to invest in a unit that has a variable speed air handler. A variable speed air handler meets the varying energy consumption demands that are required at that specific time.

User-Friendly and Preventive Maintenance Service Features

If you want to invest in an air conditioning unit that has a lot of user-friendly and preventive maintenance bells and whistles, here are a few of the most common that you may want to consider.

  • Energy-saver switch
  • Oscillating Vents
  • “Check filter” light:
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer
  • Remote control

You Need to Know How to Check out the Price of the Air Conditioning Unit – Establish a Budget to Work Within

After you have reviewed the different types of air conditioning units and the features available in each, you need to factor in the cost that you will be paying. Since the cost can vary by types of units and the features that you are looking for, you will also need to determine how much you can afford to pay. This is because the cost can vary widely based on a number of different things, including the geographical location and the size of the unit. For instance, if you are interested in buying a portable A/C, you may be paying around $700 to $1000, according to On The Spot Air Conditioning.

Don’t Forget the Warranty

As you make your final decision to buy, you need to make sure that you are considering the warranty on your purchase. A good warranty on any air conditioner is not a luxury but a necessity. This is especially the case if the unit breaks down in the middle of the summer, and you do not have the funds to pay for the repairs out of pocket.