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The Thinker’s Guide to Rolex Timepieces: Reasons Why Rolex is so Successful

Are you considering purchasing a Rolex watch? If so, do you know what model you are interested in? Or, are you still looking at all of the timepieces by Rolex? Do you know why Rolex is such a successful brand? And, why should you buy Rolex? Aren’t there other brands out there that are also worth considering?

The question that is on every potential new Rolex customer’s mind is, what makes Rolex timepieces so valuable? And, why are the brand so successful?

By way of answering these questions, as well as providing guidance on what every new Rolex buyer should look for when choosing a timepiece, let’s consider the following points:


Rolex has shown throughout its existence that it is a reliable, high-quality, long-lasting timepiece. By studying a brief history of the brand, we can see why it has the deserved reputation of being a robust, reliable brand that never stops running, or keeping accurate time.

In 1905 Hans Wilsdorf, the brand’s originator founded a company in London that specialised in the distribution of high-quality watches.

At this point in the wristwatch’s history, they were not very reliable, so Wilsdorf set out to create a high-quality watch that was elegant, functional, and reliable. The first Rolex’s were born. These timepieces were fitted with small, precise movements, that were manufactured by a Swiss watchmaking company in Switzerland.

Even after the release of the first watches, Wilsdorf continued to pursue his dream of chronometric precision.

Fast forward to 1910. And the Rolex watch was the first wristwatch to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. Therefore, he achieved his goal of design and manufacturing a high-quality, precise timepiece.


Rolex is a global, household name, even though it is a luxury, high-value brand. Likewise, if you haven’t heard of other luxury brands, you’ve heard of Rolex. As described above, the foundation for the brand’s reputation is its quality, it’s longevity, and its robust construction.

Aficionados purchase Rolex based on this reputation. It is known as a timepiece that can withstand the rigours of daily use. Other luxurious watch brands might prioritize fine, complex designs that are not hardwearing and can only be worn on special occasions. They are quality brands. But they are not robust. And, apart from its extremely accurate timekeeping, this is what has garnered Rolex’s reputation since the brand’s inception till today.


Rolex was the first brand to feature a waterproof case. This case is patented and consists of a system that screws down the bezel, case back, and winding crown against the middle case. The winding crown is constructed of circa 10 parts and hermetically sealed, resulting in a waterproof winding crown.

Tested in all environments

In 1927, Hans Wilsdorf asked a young English swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze, to wear a Rolex Oyster watch while swimming across the English Channel. His purpose was to prove that the Rolex was fully waterproof. The swim lasted more than 10 hours, and the watch was in perfect working order when checked after being in the water for over ten hours.

Final thoughts

It is clear from the above that the Rolex timepiece deserves its reputation and its price. And, this discussion provides the raison d’etre for buying one or more Rolex wristwatches. Not only are they quality timepieces, but because they hold their value, they are also an excellent investment.