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7 Trending Colors & How to Wear Them

While the Pantone Color of 2024 may be Peach Fuzz, many other colors are trending in fashion, home design, and all over your social media feed this season. Certain styles on the runway may be too intimidating to wear daily, but you don’t need to walk the catwalk or the red carpet to incorporate trending colors in your wardrobe. Enjoy mixing and matching unexpected hues like cherry red and steel gray or chocolate brown with pale blue. These are just a few of the trends we’re seeing this season. Let’s dive into the seven trending colors and how to wear cute clothes in those colors.

1. Cherry Red

When you think about classic colors for spring clothes, you probably think of warm greens, peachy pinks, and orangey reds. A new trending color we’re seeing is a bright cherry red! While pink was the hot color of 2023, we’re shifting toward red tones instead of the pretty pink hues. Generally considered a more sophisticated color, bright cherry red has been popping up all over the fashion scene in outerwear coats and knit sweaters. Come summer, we’ll see more red dresses on the scene than ever before.

2. Chocolate Brown

Fashion is cyclical. Out of all the 90s and early aughts trends that have made a comeback, chocolate brown is a color that’s here in 2024 and here to stay. Chocolate brown is all over this season’s shoes, bags, boots, and clothing. High fashion designers love incorporating the chocolate brown color in their spring and summer collections, and it’s easy to pair with other hot colors of the season, like blue and red.

3. Steel Gray

One fun way to incorporate a trending color is to learn how to layer clothes. Layer steel gray in lighter and darker shades to add visual depth to a monochromatic look. The key to styling a steel gray outfit, especially if you’re wearing gray from head to toe, is to incorporate new pieces to give your outfit fresh air. Try a new gray accessory, be it a pair of shoes or a handbag, to celebrate steel gray’s trending prominence.

4. Pale Yellow

“Quiet luxury” was a popular term in the middle of 2023 that focused on the idea that minimalist and classic pieces should go against trends. Steel gray and chocolate brown are both colors in 2024 that lend themselves to the “quiet luxury” concept, and pale yellow is yet another example of the quiet luxury color collection. It’s a subtle new neutral that may look like a deep cream or a beige. The adaptability of pale yellow makes it a wise color to invest in and pair with other quiet luxury colors for cohesiveness or a bold cherry red to really make it pop.

5. Pale Blue

Turn heads with pale blue this season. It can be styled with clashing colors like zesty neon greens and yellows or vibrant cherry red. Sky blue is a fashionable choice for 2024 that suits just about everyone. The universal appeal of pale blue makes it easy to wear on all skin tones and hair colors. Grab a pale blue dress and pair it with bright-colored shoes to complement your look.

6. Kelly Green

Bring steel gray to life with Kelly Green. The shades go well together and can help liven up the gray while toning down the green. Another popular pairing is Kelly green with purple. Pick a pop of Kelly green as a top and experiment with pants or skirts in black, white, or gray. It’s a simple yet effective way to get a tailored yet laid-back look. Try pairing a Kelly green dress with a chocolate brown coat and purple or orange accessories to go all out.

7. Pistachio Green

This season, you’ll see pistachio green all over colorful women’s tops. While Kelly green is a bolder interpretation of the trending green we’ve seen on the runway, designers are also exploring the shade of pistachio green. Light green will be everywhere this season, whether you call it sage or celadon. Wear a pistachio green top with white jeans and wedges. A camel coat and pistachio green accessories also work wonderfully together.

While you may have heard of many of the colors on this list before, like Kelly Green, it’s no wonder that so many of these colors are coming back this season. Red continues to be a fashion favorite, so dare to pair a cherry red shirt with a gray overcoat for spring that gives your look an unexpected twist compared to other basic neutrals. Bring your wardrobe to life with a mix of pale yellows and blues, and you’ll surely be the most fashionable person in the room.