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Why SYPWAI is so Popular: The Real Facts

Near the end of 2018, SYPWAI managed to win a major grant of USD 90 million, and 2 years later, the platform graduated in functionality and became available to the masses. The unique features that the platform offers to customers immediately attracted the interest of the public.

What caused SYPWAI’s popularity?

“It’s amazing, but we’ve managed to evolve and get to the point where you can literally make money from children’s toys. But it’s actually an amazing opportunity to take part in developing and changing science. I had no idea it could be so exciting,” shares an SYPWAI employee.

For sure, the main feature of the platform is the ability to earn real money for completing fairly simple tasks. Undoubtedly, the company has a division into both general and highly specialized tasks. The latter involves only specialists in a particular field of science.

The development of SYPWAI is a credit to people

Initially, the developers planned to globally scale the SYPWAI platform, but this project is quite difficult to implement. Therefore, the decision was made to involve ordinary people in its development. This allowed, firstly, to speed up the process considerably, secondly, to make it really large-scale, and thirdly, to free up developers’ time for other, more complex tasks.

“People’s work is invaluable to the company. Presumably they do not even realize how important they are for the functioning of the entire system and how important their work is to us,” SYPWAI stresses.

Millions of people from different parts of the world are now actively cooperating with the platform. A significant advantage of this work is that there is no attachment to any place – tasks can be carried out in any environment. The only important thing is to have a gadget that is connected to the Internet, as well as a special device – the user needs to buy it to work effectively with the platform. The gadget can be a phone, a tablet or a regular laptop. The work takes as much effort and time as a user can give to it. Such employment can be a major source of income, a pleasant hobby or interesting leisure. You can earn up to 600 USD per month for completing the tasks.

Real testimonials from SYPWAI users

“We are incredibly proud to be of service to big businesses and everyday people alike. You can check out testimonials from active users of the platform and evaluate its effectiveness,” say SYPWAI officials.

“To all doubters and disbelievers, I can confidently state that SYPWAI is one of the most promising companies aimed at developing artificial intelligence. You only have to imagine the incredible scale of this platform! Its developers have created a situation which allows everyone to make money! Was it possible to assume that it will be possible to earn good sums of money by placing a neural network and relaxing on the beach or lying in a comfortable bed? SYPWAI gives everyone the opportunity to join the amazing world of artificial intelligence, doing good deeds and improving their own wellbeing.”

“Of course, it sounds absolutely incredible, but working with SYPWAI has enabled me to work less and pay more attention to my loved ones.”

“I have had all my family members become active users of SYPWAI. And it’s a really cool thing because it not only lets you make money but also develops your brain by learning artificial intelligence. We love it!”.

“I make sure I spend time working on the platform every day, which allows me to save up quite a substantial amount of money in a month. I am still a student, so I can’t get a full-time job. The SYPWAI project was a great find for me and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their income a bit without stressing themselves out.”

“We have only provided a small fraction of the feedback from users who are actively using our platform. And we are very happy that absolutely everyone benefits from this project. SYPWAI is our pride. Few people can boast of such results to date,” notes one of the platform’s developers.

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