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Must-have Home Essentials for your New Apartment

Moving is a big step especially if you’re moving out on your own. The ideal situation is moving into a fully furnished apartment and just bringing your clothes along. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always work that way. In most cases, the apartment comes with basic things like a stove and built in wardrobes, and the rest you have to furnish yourself.

This list gives you an idea of those essential things you will need to turn your new apartment into a happy home.

1.A bed and decent linen

You will need a comfortable bed to sleep in on your first night in your new apartment. A comfortable bed makes for a good night’s sleep – something you deserve after moving everything in. So, splurge a little on a bed.

What goes over the bed is as important as the bed. You will need sheets, a duvet and duvet cover or a comforter, pillows, pillowcases. You will need two of each except the duvet cover. You can buy just one but you take care to wash them regularly.

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a retreat from the busy life outside of your bedroom walls, so you need to make sure you create a calm and peaceful environment for yourself. Decorate the bedroom with furniture and in colors that you like.

A lamp and table won’t go amiss either. You will miss them when you go to place your cell phone or book down beside you at the end of the night when you are ready to sleep.

If the room doesn’t have built-in storage then a dresser or some storage containers are a good investment at first, or you’ll have to settle for living out of suitcases until you can find a decent wardrobe.

2.Kitchen Essentials

Eating and staying well-nourished is as important as getting a good night’s rest. Having the essential kitchen utensils will save you from spending lots of money on takeaways and junk food. Think about your budget and your waistline and invest in some kitchen essentials.

To start out you will need a medium or large pan, a large pot, and a small pot. These will work well for all your stovetop meals. For cooking in the oven, one medium or large oven-safe dish should do. Cooking utensils like a spatula and a large spoon for stirring and dishing food are also necessary.

Plates, bowls, drinking glasses, mugs, forks, knives, and spoons are things you cannot go without. You also need basic kitchen appliances like a kettle, toaster oven, and a microwave. You may also need a refrigerator if the apartment isn’t already furnished with one.

3.Bathroom Goodies

Fluffy towels are the obvious choice here! Having a couple of these for use in your bathroom means you can add in a luxury touch to your apartment without having to spend a hefty price tag to get it.

4.A comfy couch

Furniture is what makes living space liveable, and a house is not a home without a big comfortable sofa. For one, you will need it for when you have company over and everyone needs somewhere to sit. And for two, you also need when you want to relax; whether it be in front of the tv or with your feet up reading a book.

5.Cleaning Essentials

Aside from all your usual detergents, garbage bags, cleaning cloths and mop, a vacuum is probably the number one thing that will make your life 100% easier. Not sure which one to get, provides reviews so you can figure out which is the best for you.

Appliance wise, if you haven’t already hit your budget then a washing machine and tumble dryer for your laundry may come in handy.

6.Emergency kit

You need to be prepared in case of emergencies. Make sure that you have a first aid kit stocked with all the necessary first aid essentials. Candles are not only decorative items but they also come in handy when there’s a power outage. Buy a few candles and keep them around for such an occasion or simply use them to create an atmosphere or a romantic dinner.

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