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What are The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture?

A solid high-quality wooden piece of furniture looks amazing in any room, and they can last for a lifetime if you take proper care of them. Wooden furniture can be very long-lasting and resistant, yet it can still be susceptible to certain stains, scratches, and other hazards. Many families who have enjoyed wooden furniture still use some furniture from their childhood, such as a table or a chair. Depending on the type of wood being used on the furniture can be the care you need to give it, yet without going into too many specifics here are some basic ways you can take care of your wooden furniture.

Get the right wood for the right environment:

The first thing you need to consider when treating wood property is giving it its correct environment. There are certain kinds of wood that are more resistant to receiving direct sunlight, while others are resistant to humid environments. Wood never does its best in harsh environments, though depending on the kind of wood you can consider which is best for which area of your home, such as the garden, kitchen, bathroom and other areas. For example, teak and acacia are known for being very resistant against direct sunlight, while hardwood like American beech and engineered hardwoods work best in a humid environment.

Avoid mistreating your wooden furniture:

Wooden furniture is well known for being very long-lasting, yet if not given proper care they can get damaged such as getting ring stains from water, burns due to hot materials or even becoming dented due to damage. Always put a small coaster to put glasses on top, to avoid the glass having direct contact with the table. Try adding tablecloth to your furniture and avoid placing hot objects such as pans or pots on top without a tablecloth or a wooden cutting board so it absorbs the heat instead of your table.

Always clean property before applying varnish:

Applying varnish to your wooden furniture is a great idea, but you always need to be sure the surface where you are applying it is completely clean. If you leave dust or other residue and apply varnish the varnish can get bumps in those areas which can be very difficult to remove. Be sure you clean thoroughly your wood, wait for it to dry and then apply varnish.

Dust and clean your wooden furniture:

Even when you are not preparing your furniture for varnish it is always recommended to clean it thoroughly. Dust can begin to accumulate in time and can help in causing scratches and other kinds of damage to happen easier on the furniture’s surface. Airborne dust particles travel all around our homes and they can get stuck in your wooden furniture where dust buildup can occur. Though cleaning your furniture often seems like a chore it is highly recommended you do it once every few days. Try using a duster or a cloth to remove any dust from your wooden furniture and surfaces.

Remove any stains without damaging your wooden furniture:

At any time you can experience a miss hap or someone may forget to use a cloth for their glass, which of course can end up in a stain. There are various ways you can be sure to remove these stains, while others can be much harder to remove completely. It is recommended to use baking soda and toothpaste to remove ring stains caused by wet glasses onto your furniture. Water damage can darken and become harder to remove, so you can try using a wet cloth in vinegar to remove the stain. Another good way to remove a stain is to use a darker tone of varnish for the whole piece, of course for many expensive pieces this may not be an option yet it is a good idea if your piece is damaged or with certain hard to remove stains.

Give a fresh aroma to your wood:

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Stored wood can begin to smell bad, especially if stored and uncleaned for a very long time. Wood can be very simple to clean if you use the proper tools. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning option that can give a fresh aroma to any wooden surface. Try not to leave baking soda behind and clean with a sponge or cloth the surface with baking soda and then remove it with another cloth while drying the surface. Charcoal is another method, though instead of surfaces they are used in cabinets and wooden storage areas to absorb bad aromas.!