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Find Out Your True Purpose in Life According to Astrology

You have probably asked the question “What’s my purpose on this planet? What am I doing here?” at least once in your lifetime. There must be a moment in your life journey that you stop for a moment and start wondering about the existence of the world, the existence of the people and why were you chosen to be where you are and do what you do. A final and absolute answer will never be available to us, but we can seek to answer these questions guided by our beliefs. Astrology is one way that can help us get closer to the meaning of life, as our sun signs (the zodiac sign we were born under) direct us closer to figuring it out. Let’s take a look.


The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries, it is a fire sign and as such, people born under it are enthusiastic with a huge competitive spirit. They don’t want to be provoked and put in the middle of an argument they know they can’t win. They never stop pushing the limits and constant progress is something they are always counting on.

Their enormous passion leads them into the world of art, culture, technology and entertainment. Whichever field they choose, they want to make a discovery, to invent something or make a breakthrough.


The most charming of all the Zodiac signs and guided by the plant of love, beauty and luxury – Venus, the Taurus people are born to create stability in the place they live. They are grounded, reliable and intelligent people who need to make sure that everything moves in the best possible direction.

Because they thrive on stability they will be great in helping others find what they want. Some concrete examples of a job they could be doing are interior design, real estate, remodelling, or psychiatrists.


One of the things that Gemini people love the most is to be surrounded by people and build lots of social interactions in the community. They bring people together and attract people towards them. As they are perhaps the most emotionally intelligent sign, they can make the world a better place when they are engaged in an awareness-raising campaign.

They are excellent in explaining and bringing ideas closer to people so they would be excellent teachers regardless of the field – education, sports, arts.


The creative Cancer people are full of emotions and use these overwhelming feelings to take care of the others, making happy everyone around them. They use their emotional intelligence and empathy to support their community and to always offer a shoulder to cry on.

They need to be able to change the world, one step at a time. They can be excellent in childcare, education or healthcare.


Leos love attention more than anything. Their spotlight is their happy place. What they have is a lot of star power and charisma. They exist to rule the world, the same way lions rule the jungle. They need to shine and won’t accept dogmatic beliefs just because they are expected to follow them.

Their egos are massive, but on the inside, they are surprisingly fragile as they need praise and validation all the time. Politics is the field they would best thrive and their strong ideas on how to improve the world should be used for bringing a great deal of leadership into the world of the most powerful men.


The perfectionists born under Virgo won’t leave things until everything is in its place as they should be. Their purpose is to keep pushing everyone around them until they are the best version of themselves. And when it comes to their own calling, they are smart enough to recognize where they are needed the most, so they would gladly fill that gap in the community.

In the end, Virgos are the ones that would probably find a new solution to a problem that couldn’t be solved. They would perform excellently on peaceful and professional conditions where their hard-working abilities can be seen and recognized. Vet, Nutritionist, environmental journalist, life skills coach, office manager, endangered species biologist etc. are just a few of the jobs they could find their purpose.


The people born under the Libra sign are born executives. Their passionate nature to get things done and charming ways of achieving their goals are what makes them excellent lawyers, mediators, judges or government officials.

On the other hand, due to the fact that Libra people know how to make other people feel awesome and beautiful, they can connect with the easy mind and spirit they have and be successful as a hairdresser, inspirational figure in the media or perhaps a life coach.


Apart from the Virgos, the Scorpios are the only other people who put 100% into their work. They are passionate about their beliefs and are great risk takers. They are also very curious which always leads them to explore the darker and undiscovered sides of life.

Scorpios would be great scientists, explorers and adventures. They would mix passion and curiosity any moment they can and their purpose in life hugely depends on how much adventure is connected with what they are doing.


They are optimists and those who believe that the sky is the limit. Their spirits are free and they want to seek and discover new things. They also want to travel and meet new people, learn about their culture and build connections all over the world. That is why they would be excellent travel agents.
Another thing they are good at is finding and offering solutions for social problems. They could work in shelters, animal adoption agencies or be motivational speakers.


The most real of all the signs, Capricorn is born to be a CEO of a big company and lead everyone towards success. They are visionaries and offer support, credibility and respect and also get lots of these qualities back.

They should be teaching the world how important it is and offer support to those who need it. So, teachers, programmers, accountants, professional organisers, real estate agents, and, of course, bosses are the perfect jobs for realising their purpose.


The most rebellious of all the signs, Aquarius people are the chosen ones that actually do something to change the injustices of the world. They are excellent humanitarians and prodigies in the world of technology.

Their passion is to help and lead philanthropic campaigns and they do it loudly and in style. Moreover, a journalist or a documentarian who tells the stories of people is another field they would be perfectly happy and comfortable.


The intuition, creativity and artistic side of the Pisces is what makes them ideal for promotion of art, music, poetry or any other method of self-expression. They are soulful signs that need to create an imaginative outlet and express their beliefs, expectations and hopes.

It is obvious that their purpose in life will be found in music, film or visual arts. They are naturally born performers and entertainers and using this power they can inspire other people to connect deeply.

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