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Top 9 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends for 2019/2020

While the runway usually showcases what to expect in future fashion trends, the streets display both the future and current trends.

Anyone looking to maintain an up to date wardrobe collection can look to street styles around the world for the inspiration they desire.

Each season, these fashion models debut the greatest and latest fashion looks, and this Summer/Spring season 2019 was no different. Stretching from Milan and Paris to New York and London, each fashion week of the month showcased lust-worthy and outstanding looks.

Below we have outlined the topmost street style trends for you to include in your exclusive shopping list.

1. Bike Shorts

Unsurprisingly, Athleisure is a trend that is always giving. Its latest offering is essentially both surprising and stylish. This fashion month, numerous style-sensed showgoers, widely wore bike shorts with blazers.

Affording a fresh and unique mingle of both tailoring and sportswear, this look was both chic and stylish. While it might not be considered appropriate for either the gym or office, this outfit is ideal for attending a Sunday brunch with colleagues or strolling the streets. Therefore, please don’t be nervous to try it out.

2. Animal Instincts

Street-style stars this season allowed their distinct animal instincts to take over with wild and bold prints. Specifically, loud leopard print came out as a ‘unanimous’ favorite among many fashionistas and even appeared on numerous garments such as coats, pants, suits, and dresses, among many others.

To follow this, lead and effectively unleash your inner jungle self, pick striking and robust designs with bright and bold colors.  On the other hand, you can consider choosing an all-over distinct leopard print look along with a jumpsuit/dress or matching separates.

If you are feeling playful, you can always add some leopard print shoes or bags for a more playful spark.

3. Boiler Suits

Throughout this fashion month, every major fashion city featured Utilitarian designs. Undoubtedly though, there was an exclusive style that stood out from the crowd.

Initially designed as a distinct one-piece protective piece for typical manual labor, the boiler suits have now emerged as both functional and fashionable. These long-sleeved jumpsuits come in a wide array of fantastic styles. Therefore, you need not worry about the choice limit.

To rock this particular look and style yourself, you should just choose the color and cut that perfectly suits you.

4. Lavender Tones

Rocking an assortment of varied shades from the distinct lavender group, the fashionistas demonstrated that light purple is undeniably stylish. Ideally, whether worn as dresses, coats, boots, or even some head to toe collections, this feminine, and flattering color added an exclusively gorgeous touch to looks.

If you are looking for an exciting and subtle look, then you should definitely adopt this lovely look.

5. Neo-Gothic

If you are willing to embrace your ‘dark side,’ then you will love the trending Neo-Gothic 2019 look.

Similar to how the crypto-community has embraced an unpopular trend with the Crypto boom and Bitcoin clothing, the Neo-Gothic is also another fashion trend that appeals to individuals looking to adopt a similarly unpopular ‘dark’ side.

To rock this particular trend, take a leaf from the fashionistas on 2019 Summer/Spring Fashion Month and pair a completely black ensemble together with some on-trend pieces.

Summer/Spring Fashion Month and pair a completely black ensemble together with some on-trend pieces.

Typically, you can decide to wear what you love, but ensure you remember to maintain an overall moody and dark vibe but with a classy twist. Similarly, you can also consider incorporating a dark red lip to create a sexy appeal.

6. Bucket Hats

If you didn’t know, Bucket hats are truly and unapologetically back! Yes, this iconic accessory popular in the 90s is definitely worth the investment this Summer/Spring season. In fact, call it a ‘must-have’ item on your exclusive shopping list, that is if your collection does not include it.

Offering style and sun protection, these cool and similarly casual hats are ideal for typical weekend ensembles. Ideally, whether patterned, plain, or boasting a logo, these brimmed hats create a unique in-trend edge to virtually any outfit.
You can wear them with overalls, dresses, slouchy suits, and much more dressing choices.

7. Patchwork

Truth be told, Patchwork is not just a craft your grandma likes. Now, it ranks as among the latest fashion trends. Well spotted on various streets outside multiple fashion shows right from New York to Paris, patchwork appeared on jumpsuits, dresses, pants, to mention but a few.

Both colorful and creative, this look sews together complementary fabric pieces to achieve a unique eye-catching and eclectic design. If you want to rock this look, you can allow your patchwork garment to be the highlight of your overall outfit by blending it with some simple, block-colored outfits and accessories.

8. Puff Shoulders

The 2019 Show Season has ultimately proved that the popular minimal trend is effectively over! Although this meant oversized silhouettes and bold ruffles, it, however, also resulted in some statement puff shoulders of blouses and dresses alike.

Concurrently stylish and striking, these unique puff sleeves ideally added a refreshing 80’s twist, especially to modern outfits. You can try this look, especially if you are looking to achieve a fashionable and powerful daytime style.

However, ensure that the rest of your look remains subdued. You don’t want to look over the top now, do you?

9. Colored Tartan

Finally, Leopard was not the only trendy print this 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Show season. Similarly, Tartan also made headlines on the streets of various fashion show cities, including London, New York, Milan, and Paris.

Of course, considering the proper 2019 fashion week style, this traditional print was not, however, worn subtly.  Typically, it was donned everywhere in stunning colors by the fashionistas.

If you want to try this look, you can go for a tartan jacket, suit, or even a pair of pants featuring this classic pattern in bold and unique colors like blue, red, yellow, and green.

10. Shrunken Bags

Virtually all show seasons have their must-have handbag, and the Summer/Spring ’19/20 is definitely no exception to this remarkable rule. Nonetheless, as opposed to previous seasons, the modern ‘It’ bag is not defined by its unique shape. Instead, its size is ideally what sets it apart from the competition.

Ideally shrunk down to fit no more than just lipstick and a phone at the most, this particular season’s most lust-worthy shrunken bag is also by far the smallest. As such, if you distinctly value your style over functionality, then you need to get yourself this miniature version of your beloved handbag.  Better yet, you definitely won’t get a sore shoulder from totting all over this style throughout the day.

11. Maxi Faux Coats (Leather):

Once the temperature drops, keep yourself toasty and warm in a unique and stylish faux leather coat. Essentially, if you prefer to have a high fashion, sleek, or funky style with a typical grunge twist, then these long-line pieces are ideal for you.

Tweak some things up by adorning a bold colour such as emerald or red, or simply knock everyone out of the park in a unique all-black ensemble. In essence, this is ideally another 90’s staple, which subsequently got a new and fresh upgrading, so why not go for this look this season?

12. Oversized Victorian Sleeves

Victorian-inspired sleeves are a fantastic way to relive the 18th century in a modern and stylish look. Its unique oversized shape inspires the striking illusion of a somewhat slimmer waist as well as adds an instantaneous feminine touch to your assembly.

You can opt for some soft colours when its springtime, or subsequently unleash your inner dark gothic princess courtesy of a grey or black.  What’s more, it is also undeniably a fantastic time to get out your classic 80’s puff sleeve appeal-it is a style that never really goes up the air!!

13. ‘Disco Collar’

If you thought that discos were over and done with, then you were definitely in the wrong! The stunning wide collar-favored courtesy of the Studio 54 set found its way back into the fashion realms in a surprise comeback on the spring runways.

Exclusively modernized on jackets, coats, as well as button-downs at JW Anderson, Lanvin, and Ferragamo, and even beyond, this look is usually exhibited with some contrasting colors to ensure that you really stand out! After all, what is the point of a fantastic super collar if you can’t actually see it?

This modernized look is most catchy exclusively in jacket form-and bonus points if complimented by a contrasting collar!


Essentially, the top 2019 fashion trends effectively showcased throwbacks in an undeniably unmatched and unique manner. The re-emergence of tiny accessories such as bike shorts introduced us to the fabulous ’90s.

What’s more, style icons such as Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna demonstrated to us the modern way to update these iconic looks as well as incorporate them into the daily routine.

These top trends of this year are fantastic trends we expect to carry on into 2020, and you should check them out and also shop them NOW!

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