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Signs That Your Concrete Structure Needs Expert Attention

Concrete is an excellent material for use in commercial and residential properties. Despite being cheap and easy to acquire, it’s incredibly strong in compression, resistant to fire, wind, water and can be easily shaped before hardening into a durable material that’s free of natural defects and flaws and requires little maintenance. Concrete’s tensile strength can be enhanced with the use of mesh, wires, cables, and metal rods.

Commercially, concrete is used in buildings, bridges, dams, roads, drains, pipes and more. It’s found in famous structures such as the CN Tower, Burj Khalifa, Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam. It was also used to build famous historical wonders such as Christ the Redeemer, which was made in 1931 with reinforced concrete and soapstone or the Colosseum, which was startlingly built by the Romans in 80 A.D.

Homeowners also love concrete for these reasons. Residentially, it’s found in driveways, paths, backyards, floors, walls, basements, swimming pools and more. When combined with other materials such as limestone, concrete offers a beautiful finish at a lower cost than other materials such as wood, stone, rock, marble, or glass.

However, concrete isn’t perfect. Over time, it can develop problems that need timely attention. Fortunately, the right contractors who can help. If you’re looking for concrete experts in Canada — then you can easily find a locally owned and operated company with 30 years of experience that manages residential and commercial projects and boast a strong work ethic.

It’s important to recognize signs that your concrete structure needs expert attention. Getting the problem fixed can not only add longevity to your concrete structure, but it saves you from costly removal and rebuilding.

#1 The Appearance of Cracks

Although they can look alarming, it’s normal for some cracks to appear on concrete over time. They can be caused by the expansion and contraction of the soil underneath the structure or the concrete itself due to weather conditions. For example, freezing rain or snow followed by a rise in temperature followed by freezing conditions again can result in cracks. The right experts will advise you if your structure needs maintenance or more in-depth services.

#2 Unevenness

If your concrete structure has started to look uneven, then you may need repair services. This can be caused by extreme weather or poor installation. If the situation is serious, then your structure could break. Other signs of foundation damage include doors and windows sticking out, sinking or sloping floors, and deeper cracks.

#3 Pooling Water

While most concrete driveways can last for over 30 years, they need maintenance. High-quality sealants can protect a concrete driveway from weather conditions, though must be applied periodically. If your concrete driveway or floor has developed cracks, these can be usually repaired. But if water has started to pool after a spell of rain, then it could be hazardous. Not only can this lead to further damage to the structure, but it can harm your vehicles. It can also result in injuries.

Remember, it’s not unusual for concrete structures to develop problems. If you recognize the signs and seek expert help from a reliable contractor on time, your structure will continue to serve you well.