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Understanding More About E-Liquid: How Long Does It Last

Probably, you have been buying a variety of e-liquids because you want to explore many of them at the same time. After using one only once, you promise yourself that you will come back to it later, but first, another flavor is in queue for testing. Well, with this method, you could have many bottles that are at risk of expiring if they are not used within the recommended time.
Succeeding in using them within such a time frame depends on your knowledge of how long an e-juice should last. According to reliable sources, many of them last for about two years, but some could have a shorter or longer shelf life depending on factors such as the ingredients used in them.

Expiration of E-Juices

Just like with any other consumable, e-juices have an expiration date indicated on them. Actually, this is one of the first things that you should check when buying e-juices to know if you have enough time to consume them. The good thing is that regulations require the sellers to pack them in 100 ml bottles, which will be consumed within a relatively short time. As mentioned, the expiration date is about 2 years from the date of manufacture. But here are the factors that will determine the length of this time.

  • Ingredients – usually, vape juices are made from food-grade ingredients such as VG, PG, nicotine, water and flavors. Each of these has a lifespan, and the manufacturers must consider this. To come up with an estimate of the appropriate expiration date, they have to consider the ingredient with the shortest shelf life.
  • Storage – how e-juices are stored both at the shop and at home matters a lot. If you walk to an e-cig shop, they usually give additional hints on how to take care of your vape device or e-juice that you buy. To ensure that the latter lasts longer, make sure that it is stored in a cool and dry place without any contamination. Any storage contrary to this will reduce its shelf life drastically.

Precautions When Buying E-Juice

The main precaution is to make sure that it has not expired already. But there is more to check than this. Because the manufacturer indicates both the manufacture and expiration date, avoid those that have stayed on the shelf for too long. These will only allow you a short time to use them.

Since the e-juice is packed in transparent bottles, check for consistency to ensure that there is no separation or existence of lumps. Actually, e-juice might go bad even before the expiration date depending on the storage and many other factors.

Beginners who are not sure of how long they will take to use one bottle of e-juice should avoid buying many bottles together. Besides, they might not be sure whether they will like the e-juice or not. The best thing is to have one or two bottles at a time. After all, there are plenty of online shops, and they can have your orders delivered to your doorstep conveniently.

The Takeaway

E-juices are sensitive liquids, and many things can render them unfit for human consumption. However, their lifespan is the main concern that every vaper should be very careful about. More so, newbies should follow the tips that we have discussed to make sure that they enjoy vape juices that are ideal.

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