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Leasing or Buying, What is Better

The decision to buy yourself a car or to lease a car has many financial implications but the monetary aspect is not the only factor that should be taken into consideration before you jump up to any decision. Usually, people follow the traditional route and go for buying a new car but there is another way out too that is leasing a new car where you just have to pay the part of the advertised retail price. So whatever you choose either buying or leasing is solely dependent upon your requirements, budgets, and preferences. If you are looking for selling bank financed car or to sell your car in Dubai or UAE, there is no better company than Cash dollar to provide car solutions to you. Get hassle-free solutions on Car sell zone website and know more about which way (leasing or buying) will work better for you?

Let look into the key distinction which will help you decide which path to choose leasing or buying?

  1. The price factor: In leasing the consideration you pay is very less as compared to the price paid in buying. The lease rental is less than the down payment you do for buying a car. Also after the down payment, you have to pay the leftover amount on a monthly basis. So basically buying decision puts the more financial burden on you rather than the leasing solutions.
  2. The ownership part: For those who are looking for buying a car for the ownership purpose should definitely go for buying a car. As if in the long run you want to sell your car you can do it conveniently without any hassle. But in leasing you don’t get the ownership you will just be allowed to use the asset for the time period agreed in the leasing agreement.
  3. The installments paid: The installments paid in the leasing process just cost you the amount for the utilization of the asset whereas the installment amount in the buying or financing a car includes the part of the principal amount as well as the interesting part so it is gradually higher than the leasing.
  4. In leasing, you have got two options to choose from at the end of the contract that is either you return the car or you can buy the car and in case of financing after you complete all the installments you become the owner of the car.

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